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    Bookmarks - Do You Use Them?!

    Recently I've been taking notice of the fact that my little brother dog-ears the pages of his books. Personally, I use a bookmark because I like bookmarks and think they are quite handy in preserving the quality of a book. I have a 1975 box set of The Lord of the Rings series in paperbacks, and...
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    KH 358/2 Days Manga

    Found this today while visiting the site where I read manga. Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days Manga - Read Kingdom Hearts - 358/2 Days manga scans online. Interesting to say the least. Sorry if someone has already posted this up somewhere... I checked the KH boards and couldn't find it, and I...
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    The Montauk Monster

    Dude. Whoa (click me) FOXNews.com - 'Montauk Monster' Has Hamptons in a Tizzy - Science News | Science & Technology | Technology News Apparently this happened last July. I'm sorta leaning towards raccoon myself.... but wth? What do you think it is?
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    Maybe I Did, Maybe I Didn't

    So I had the urge to write something the other day, and behold, this was born. Pulsation Scholasticism with its infinitely subtle argumentation, Theology with its ambiguous phraseology, Astrology, so vast and so complex, are all children's play when compared with alchemy. - Albert Poisson...
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    Ah, the 80s

    6 Baffling Old-School Video Game Commercials | Cracked.com Gotta love 'em.
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    LINK > Invasion of the Ball-Jointed Dolls For those of you too lazy to read that, it talks about a new series of dolls that are hand-crafted to look like manga-style characters or kawaii schoolgirls. Here is an example of what one looks like: Too much? Maybe? ... Discuss.
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    For the Love of Pete

    I had to do an article review for English class and I came across this: >> Woman Goes On Trial In MySpace Hoax << *sigh* Seriously, there are better ways to deal with things.
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    So yeah like Starbucks is pretty awesome. I usually get a green tea lemonade and a rice crispy treat when I pay the place a visit. My mom's got a thing for the White Chocolate Mocha and the Pumpkin Spice, but I just don't really go for that sort of thing. What do ya'll get when you go to...
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    Candy Corn?

    So... the age old question that usually comes up around Halloween: Do you like candy corn? Personally, I don't. Won't eat it, don't care for it.
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    From: Your Murderer - A Spine-Tingler

    So I was in the Halloween mood yesterday and I whipped up this scary short story ^^ I did it somewhat for my own amusement, but mostly for my pal, who goes by the inconspicuous name of Who Me? around here. Enjoy, mates! ------------------------------------------------------------ From: Your...
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    The Second Poety Tournament

    Greetings, mates. Twilight_Path here. I've decided to sponsor the next poetry contest. As soon as enough people sign up, I'll post the writing prompt and the rules. Let the games begin!
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    UWA: Journal of Thero Ricardus

    So here it is gents... one of my muses that I've been working on for the past couple of days. A few notes before you dig in: 1.) No, this is not the outline for an RP. Yes, it does sound a lot like one, but it's actually based on a dream I had awhile back. 2.) Some of you who start reading...
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    I have a leetle question...

    So, for my next bday my mom promised me a laptop... *dances* YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!! Lol. So can anyone recommend an excellent computer for me? There's so many to choose from and this baby'll haveta get me through college. :)
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    Lit ► A question for Redwallers...

    For some strange reason, there's a creature with two genders.... You know that ferret who joined Cluny after he settled down in St. Ninians? The creature's name was Killconey, and when it first mentions the character, she's labeled as a girl. Later on when Cluny consults her about the tunnel...
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    Heartless Cards

    Okay so we all know that part of finishing Jiminy's journal is collecting all the enemy cards... I'm missing like 4 and I need some tips, PLEASE! :cool: I know some of the rooms like Almighty Darkness have more of a chance of dropping heartless cards... but what about the White Mushroom? Anybody...
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    Okay... so... This is like the millionth time I've tried to figure this out... and then I remembered I was a member of this super-awesome forum with other KH lovers like me in many ways, save the fact they are smarter than me! I'm in the Winnie the Pooh book, and I've figured out how to get...
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    Adventure Options...

    If right now, you were chosen to enter the world of any: - movie - anime - book - etc. What would it be &... 1.) What weapons would you prefer? 2.) If anyone, who would you take along? 3.) Would you go as yourself or as a "new & improved" you? As for me: I'd really like to enter Kingdom...
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    Wats up peeps?

    hi guys! i've looked through alot of kh forums and finally settled on one! YAY ME! :thumbsup: lol anyways, nice ta meetcha and i look forward to having some nice chats w/ all of yaas MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A... oh wait a minute... never mind... (lol i crack myself up) ok im done now...