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    Rediscovering Kingdom Hearts

    I'm looking for ways to make KH more fun. So far, I've done things like: -pick the staff because I never have before -turn up my speakers' bass all the way and blast KH music while playing -utilize the first-person capabilities in KH2 and fight in FP view -give all Magic Ups to Donald, all...
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    is a bitch. who agrees?
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    Another Side: Meteor Showers

    In Another Side, Another Story (Deep Dive), what is the significance of the meteors that fall? If you look for the video on Youtube, make sure you get the one that's from the original, not KHFM.
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    Did DiZ mistreat Roxas?

    Do you think DiZ was unnecessarily mean to Roxas and Namine, just because they're nobodies?
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    What KH1 had that KH2 didn't.

    I want to know what other people think made KH1 so much better than KH2. There are so many things: trinities, exploding pumpkins, the number of treasure chests, optional bosses, the length of the game. What else made the original better in your opinion?