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  1. Liodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    Okay, now I'm convinced that there are people who make it confusing on purpose. I mean, how can you be so convinced of something so wrong, that several people spend their time explaining it to you in the best possible way, and decide that the rest are wrong and it is you, the one who doesn't...
  2. Liodin

    Spoilers ► Is the story of Kingdom Hearts really that confusing?

    There may be different interpretations, but that does not mean that all are valid. Most of the time the answer are clear, and people are not able to understand that sometimes they are the problem and not the game. Either because they want everything to be explained explicitly and are unable...
  3. Liodin

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Thread of tweets with lots of detailed information. They even describe the beginning of the game and it is very interesting. It would be great if someone could translate it and make an article compiling the information.
  4. Liodin

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Since the trailer I've always been confident in the game. When the Japanese testers started sharing their impressions I was even more so. But now that I've seen with my own eyes some gameplay I can only say that the game has the potential to be what we all wanted from KHUX, and everything will...
  5. Liodin

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link Prototype Test begins January 2023 in Japan

    Excited to read the impressions of the lucky ones in Japan who get to try it tomorrow, or today afternoon-evening for many of us. There are already people commenting that the title menu song is the same arrangement of Dearly Beloved as the trailer. Hopefully someone can record/extract the...
  6. Liodin

    Expectations for 2023

    For those of you who are interested to know what improvements KH4 will have when using UE5 look on youtube for the Matrix Awakens tech demo. And a few weeks ago the engine was updated to version 5.1 which added and improved many features, so the demo no longer represents the current quality...
  7. Liodin

    Expectations for 2023

    Missing Link and a KH4 trailer. That is the only thing we can realistically expect. If someone expects something else, those are no longer expectations but a wish list.
  8. Liodin

    When was the last time we OFFICIALLY saw Nomura?

    At the 20th anniversary event some of the people who attended shared photos of him. I also know that he has attended different promotional events for FF and TWEWY, where you could hear his voice. But, officially, when was the last time we saw him?
  9. Liodin

    Before The Hype Train: Theories/Beliefs

    Baldr = Demyx Brain = Luxord
  10. Liodin

    The Unpopular Opinions Thread

    There are many different reasons why I recommend this order, and I invite anyone to think about what those are. 1 > 2 > CoM > Days > ... The same with the BBS order. Terra > Aqua > Ven Kairi is a well-developed character with huge potential, who you may not like, but that doesn't mean she's...
  11. Liodin

    Would you still be interested in KH if Nomura was no longer involved?

    In one in which he dies unexpectedly, for example. And as the title says, it's a hypothetical question in which Nomura is not involved in any way, so there would be no notes or anything. In reality? I hope he has his plans for the future of the series well documented in case the worst happens...
  12. Liodin

    Would you still be interested in KH if Nomura was no longer involved?

    For those of you who say you don't care as long as someone competent took over. Would you be satisfied if all the remaining unanswered questions were answered by someone other than Nomura? Like, who is Yozora, MoM, Luxord or Subject X, what's in the box, what happened with Brain or Demyx, etc...
  13. Liodin

    Would you still be interested in KH if Nomura was no longer involved?

    For me, the moment Nomura stops being involved with Kingdom Hearts, is the moment I stop being a fan of the series. Everything that comes after that, is not canon, it's fanfiction. The most I would accept is if he stopped being the director and just wrote the story. Either because he is too...
  14. Liodin

    How do you think the opening will be like?

    What do you think Nomura will focus on in the opening? On recapping the previous saga or introducing the new one?
  15. Liodin

    Possible trailer at The Game Awards

    The Snitch has been giving more clues in his discord and I confirm that this leak is not about KH4. I'm sorry if anyone got their hopes up because of this :( Tomorrow will be December already, I hope they will at least say something about Missing Link soon. Maybe at Jump Festa.
  16. Liodin

    Possible trailer at The Game Awards

    No, those are not. People only say that because of the "one shot" part, from his song "Lose Yourself".
  17. Liodin

    Possible trailer at The Game Awards

    The Snitch, a well-known insider, who always gets it's leaks right, has posted a tweet with a hint about a game that would be announced soon. Sounds like something Sora would say, right? Specially now that he's in Quadratum. But there's more. The Snitch has posted a second clue on his...
  18. Liodin

    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't understand how KH3 took 6 years to develop, with an engine change in between, and KH4 is going to take the same. Nvidia's big leak gave it a September 2023 release date, and I would have believed it if it weren't for the fact that since the...
  19. Liodin

    [SPOILER] KINGDOM HEARTS Union X DARK ROAD Completion Commemorative Q&A

    Missing Link beta will release on October 4th