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    Re:CoM: Captain Hook help?

    Re: CoM: Captain Hook help? The thing about Captain Hook is that he isn't so strong, it's just that he has a ton of 0 cards. To counter this, yeah, firaga helps, but also use the strategy of not letting him break your cards with his 0s, you just have to time your attacks really well. Hope that...
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    Something Weird That Irks Me About BBS...

    I'm also a huge Star Wars lover/part time expert, and reading through this thread, I really didn't think an answer that actually works would be reached, but hey, you did it. Yeah, this is completely true, which is why you can also see the ships moving through space like nothing, but going rather...
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    What the heck am I supposed to do?

    While this is definitely the case in DDD where you should go to the first world that comes up in a set, I don't think that this applies to CoM because whenever I start with the worlds later in the set, no problem is posed. As for the original question, I think the problem here is that the...
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    Forcing myself through Reverse/Rebirth...

    First of all, good luck. Next, I would like to vent my frustrations with reverse/rebirth. This is probably not common, but I actually liked the Riku gameplay better than Sora's because it gave you a preset deck. Less trouble making a new one for every boss and incorporating in new cards. Now the...
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    If it returns, would you like to see an arena in the real Coliseum, or the Underworld arena?

    Hi everyone. I hope I did the poll right, this is my first time with those. In any case, please state your preference to the question itself. I prefer the first one, and I think that since the Coliseum is now rebuilt after the Hydra attack it will be just that. Actually, I also liked the...
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    Two Potential Worlds in Mind

    Hello everyone. Just two worlds I've been thinking about along with a lot of you for KH3. Pocahontas: Ok hear me out. Looking at some worlds that really have a place in the real world, (Paris in Cite de Cloches) one can see that it's not impossible. I imagine if a Pocahontas world came up, it...
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    Traverse Town Questions

    You know, everything (or most things) make sense now. No, I never played TWEWY. I always thought that the Reaper Game was something Nomura invented. It makes a lot more sense now. I think I'll play TWEWY when I get the chance to comprehend the story in DDD better. Thanks guys.
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    The issues with Kingdom Hearts 3D

    I liked DDD overall, but besides the time travel which was confusing, I just don't like the way the gameplay works. More specifically, the command system. I know BBS also had this kind of combat system, (and so did re:coded I think, can't remember) but I don't prefer this kind of gameplay. I...
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    Traverse Town Questions

    That being said, who needed it? I know there was Neku and the gang, but even after playing the game twice, I didn't understand what they were doing there in the first place. Also just to clarify, it existed because Neku and the gang needed right, so how did it end up as a sleeping world. After...
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    Biggest mystery in the KH series.

    First of all, to answer your question: In universe- I think Mickey pretty much thought that with the three of them (Sora, Donald, and Goody) against Demyx wouldn't be a problem. Honestly, Mickey is really smart, and he probably knew Demyx wasn't much a fighter. The only thing with this...
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    Namine's Birth

    This explains Namine's ability over Sora's memories. She is part of Sora. So does that mean that Sora was half boy half girl when he housed Kairi's heart?
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    Why Does Atlantica Have No Heartless?

    Now that I think about it, it is similar to Pride Lands and Sora's inability to using many... abilities. I guess changing your specie affects how well you perform in battle. The biggest difference between the two worlds is that you don't get enemies 30 ft above your latitude in Pride Lands.
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    Why Does Atlantica Have No Heartless?

    How did people feel about the Atlantica in CoM? I honestly found it kind of enjoyable since there were no awful control issues or musical numbers. The only thing that bothered me were the fish that seemed to be flying to the point where it was really hard to hit them. Oh and the fact that we...
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    Kairi passing through Sora when Destiny Islands was being destroyed

    Wow! After playing KH1 for 10 years, you would have thought that I would be pretty familiar, but I just now put the pieces together. Black Osprey, the first time I played DDD I eventually had to do exactly what you said (ignoring Young Xehanort) and hope I could find a summary of the details...
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    Kairi passing through Sora when Destiny Islands was being destroyed

    Hi everyone. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time, but I'm back, hoping to get some understanding of the scene we all know and love. After reading a thread below (the epiphany of Sora's hallucinations), I got to thinking of the part in the game when DI was destroyed. Sora went into...
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    Makeshift KHII Critical Mode

    I never tried that because I like following the story the way it was "meant" to, but I think it was clever of what you did. I might try that on remix Critical to make it an even bigger challenge. My only question is what did it feel like to go back to the worlds you skipped story and gameplay wise?
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    Axel Quote Explanation

    Really? I wasn't aware of their spying in KH1. I thought only Maleficent and her gang were doing this. So how come the two bad guys werent working together. Or were they.
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    Axel Quote Explanation

    I was thinking of that, but I don't remember Xemnas telling any of the Organization members about his heartless counterpart.
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    Axel Quote Explanation

    I was playing CoM and listened to Axel's quote when he was like "only one other man was capable of that" (or something like that) when he was talking to Larxene about how Sora not losing his emotions as a heartless interested him. The first time I played, I ignored it. Now I'm wondering who he...
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    Exploring KH2 Destiny Island Town [Map Viewer]

    That's pretty cool. Did you make that or find it somewhere?