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    Just Finished Watching Re:Coded (Spoilers)...

    EDIT: Well, apparently I don't know how to use spoiler tags on this forums... Can a mod fix it? All I can say is wow. Why is there so much hate for it? I can't believe I never actually watched/played it in it's entirety. Some thoughts: The first Hollow Bastion visit. Wow. I found myself...
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    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Oh alright thanks guys. :)
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    The "Voice" in Station of Awakening

    Another thing I never figured out: Who was talking to Sora in The Station of Awakening in KH1? Was it like the "Soul" or power of the Keyblade or was it someone else? Also the same goes for Roxas in KH2. Always been wondering this. A while ago someone said it was confirmed as King Mickey but...
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    Been wondering about this for a while (BbS)

    Oh yeah ok, that makes more sense. I forgot about that scene in the credits. So basically they keep trying (unsuccessfully) to sneak into the castle and on the day that Xehanort turned everyone into Heartless/Nobodies just happened to be a day when Isa and Lea were inside sneaking around. Man...
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    Been wondering about this for a while (BbS)

    Hey all, been a long time lurker (KH2 Announcement days) and finally registered. Remember all the hype/talk about who "BHK" (Blond Haired Kid, A.K.A. Roxas) was? Lol. Anyways, been wondering about this for a long time. In BbS as Ven, when you meat Lea and Isa at RG, what was Lea talking about...