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    Why Vanitas Might Be a Ven Replica

    i've always thought that vanitas was either ven's unversed or his replica... there are things that could support either one. difficult to know until the game comes out...
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    Everything is born from sleep.

    Well, i wasnt saying that sleep doesn't mean birth, all i was trying to do was bring to attention all the other sleep scenarios. I wanted to see if my references would inspire any thoughts of mine or others, like yours.
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    Everything is born from sleep.

    Lets not forget all the different times/ways sleep has been used; in KH1, wendy tells sora in neverland that kairi "seems to be asleep" when she doesnt have her heart. In the new bbs trailer, maleficent tells terra the she can see "the darkness sleeping inside you". In KH1, when sora is finished...
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    Who is Vanitas?

    Could it be possible that Vanitus is a replica of ven? like the riku replica? maybe MX found CO and used it...? (sorry if this has already been posted)
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    Vanitas destroys L.o.D????

    Like ive thought for a while, i believe that AtW has to do with Ven "loosing it" and Ven's connection to Sora (considering his dialouge throughout the new trailer). Possibly used the pods in Twilight Town (remember 2 have already been used before sora, donald, and goofy), which would explain why...
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    Everyone seems to have forgotten...

    Its very possible that Vanitus is Vens Unversed, but we dont know enough about the Unversed. but i do agree that what we can see of vanitus does resemble ven...
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    Vanitas and the Golden Eye

    Does anyone notice the position of the eye? It seems really low in relation to the shape of the helmet, almost unproportionate, like the person is smaller than they actually seem? I really have no idea; we'll just have to wait until it comes out.
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    Secret Boss

    I think I have to agree, considering the trend of the previous secret bosses and how they lead to the next game. The boss may not be the actual enemy, like lingering sentiment (even though its noncanon), but it could at least be a character to be in KH3.