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    Rumble Racing: Trouble on the Track

    For the Disney castle track (castle circuit), after the first ramp immediately take a left, (and i find it useful to relly slow down here), and then make sure you get up the next ramp into the shortcut. Then when the divider forces you to take a path, make sure you stay on the upper level. Then...
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    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    The DLC is now live on the UK (and I'm assuming PAL) PSN
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    News ► Patch Notes Available for Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5+2.5 ReMIX

    The added cutscene/theatre mode are not yet available in the UK (and I'm assuming other PAL territories) :(
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    Some questions for the trophy collectors in 1.5 + 2.5

    So I have all the Gummi trophies in KH1FM For the mission 3 one, wonderland is really easy. For more than 30 blueprints, make sure you get all the gepetto/Pinocchio ones. (I think there are around 10 there?), and then as long as you have the osmose, you can collect a lot of the blueprints on...
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    Are there dialogue changes post-Lingering Will battle?

    I think the LW has one line of new dialogue, but other than that I think it's all the same for the disney characters
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    Earning More SP & Difficult Challenges

    It's worth building up the clock gauge as much as you can on the previous floors, after you've completed the objective there. Go for the target heartless first (or clear the floor objective), and then find any remaining heartless to build up the clock gauge (i think using abilities to kill them...
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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    I'm assuming the scene with Terra and Ventus striking Aqua is meant to be a flashback to when she fought them both (a la the series recap at the beginning of DDD?)
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    The Things You Love And Hate About KH1?

    I really love the atmosphere of the game; like going through Hollow Bastion, or End of the World, or even places like Agrabah and Halloween Town (series staples that they are). Plus I liked the integration of the disney characters into the non-disney world (and non-disney stories). I also like...
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    Favorite Boss Battle Per Kingdom Hearts Game.

    KH: Dragon Maleficent/Giant Ursula RE:COM: Marluxia First From Days: Saix KH2: Really like Sark and MCP, but for challenge toss between Lingering Will and Xigbar BBS: Dark Hide Re:Coded: Riku4 DDD: YMX
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    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Challenges (For experts)

    Also with 3, unless you have limit form available solo fights are an issue, and even then you cant beat agrabah (especially on the carpet as everything is locked) nor the pride lands (optional), and olympus would be a problem as the hydra needs an RC to finish, and the mandatory cups lock out...
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    The Land of Departure

    What are you going for? If you're trying to get 100%, I'm guessing you will need to get all the chests in aqua's story, then use that save to generate the final and secret episodes (since they're are chests in teh secret episode that add to the total count as well)
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    The Land of Departure

    Unfortunately the only way to get those chests will be to go back to Aqua's story (then beat Ventus-Vanitas, thus re-creating the final episode file, which is a new save - Additionally, you may have to fight MF to collect those chests (if you have beaten the final boss of the chapter, and...
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    Music you'd like to hear rearranged for 0.2

    Night of the Dark Dream" and "Night of tragedy" tracks could return since we're in the RoD anyway.
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    Seven Princesses Of Hearts Nobodies?

    I understood is that nobodies are only formed after heart has been consumed by a darkness. What is left behind becomes a nobody. So the PoH would then not create nobodies because they have no darkness in their heart. Naimne is obviously different, but she is a "special" nobody that can do...
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    Pronunciation of Organization XIII

    Might be right, but I thought in English, the name was pronounced "Z" -igbar rather than "Sh" - igbar? So slight differences in the English and Japanese pronunciations for some of the names (even /luxord ;) and yeah I was supposed to write Zecks-ian but for some reason didnt :)
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    Pronunciation of Organization XIII

    Makes sense since he's all about luck based games (which is why I thought it was luck-sword)
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    Pronunciation of Organization XIII

    From what I remember from the games (hyphens just for readability) Xemnas - Zem-nus Xigbar - Zig-bar Xaldin - Zal-din Vexen - Vecks-en Lexaeus - lex-ee-us Zexion - Zecks-e-on Saix - Sigh-x Axel - Axel/Axle :p Demyx - Dem-ix Luxord - Lucks-ord (I'm guessing on this one, as I don't recall his...
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    Hollow Bastion

    Which part of hollow bastion were you in ? (As in what is the map name)