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    life as a ninja

    realy i wanted to join naruto generation but its to late......well then the title speaks for its self i going straight to the point Rules The higher rank you get the stronger jutsus you can use. to kill someone ask me or someone else i put in charge if i'm gone. you can mostly use jutsu...
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    organization Chaos

    after the end to all the organization 13 problems and the disappearance of no bodies and the smaller appearance of heartless peace became of all worlds including the The World That Never Was even it became peace full 31 years passed Sora is now 46 and receives a visit from his old friend the...
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    Chhat problems

    that should be Chat problems but no matter my computer is saying a script in the marcomedia flash player 8 (flash chat) to run slowly,and my make my computer shut down do have any i dea to make it work or should i just stop trying to get in. and ummm all of you mods I use to make mad...
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    there has been many romours going arround Zackstorm a hacker TM up to no good please i'm scared tell me what is going on
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    mods abusing power

    OK that does it they threw my thing in the trash after i had just made it today at 5:30 central time alright i'll do this again Kairi_angel was there so she can be my witness me and silh0uette were arguing and the only word i said was crap,damn now i'm going to bring justice to this there is no...
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    mods abusing power

    alright Kari_angel was ther so you can PM her if you got questions alright silh0uette and i were in an argument i only said the word damn nothing else yeah and crap i get banned for no reason i need some people so i can have a protest about this there is no reason for that this mod needs to come...
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    how do i make an avatar

    how do i make an avatar or what ever you call i want to use one from the internet you know with the http/www. that stuff please tell me i need help
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    is cartoons just running out of names or something for their shows

    there are cartoons that funny but this is just plain dumb a cartoon about people hair BOBOBOBOBOBO-BOBO please tell me why in the world we would watch this i couldn't say the name
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    excuse me i need help

    O.K i have no idea why i can't ge into th vbchat i get an error message the only thing that could have happend is i got banned but i didn't do anything i don't know what Spaming is is that where you give out ads because i never did that and i wasn't doing anything wrong so why is this happening...
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    One peice: battle for the ocean attack of the heartless

    O.K this is my first roleplay i started hopefully people will join and this won't go to the trash alright this is about the battle for the ocean attack of the heartless 5 people from KH2 can be in this they don't have to but they can here are there names you can be a character you made up BFU...
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    Mickey pic anyone?

    nice pic is that hollow bastion
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    why can't i get into VB chat

    why can't i get into vbchat can yall get zachstorm to answer that please there is some problem
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    what -uuuuuuuuuuuuuup

    yo-yo blindfold in the KH2 forum club hey I know what to do i was banned because someone in my house made an account named well...I really don't want to tell ...i hate the person who made it because thats why i was banned but now i got my own line in my room where noone can bother me and i can...
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    hey this is becoming
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    is BHK going to a active player in a games

    is BHK going to be an active player in a the game i saw a clip with him fighting one of theoes huge white heartless sorta like darkside in the begining of KH1 we could probaly play as him (warning this might have been figure out by now
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    so keep it comin keep postin i ment
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    here is my question how come there is a thing called rep power with the # 0 and what is it
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    [I]heh i don't who said he didn't have a heart eveyone has a heart Riku's replica has a heart you know from KHCoM
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    so just kep postin
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    there was my proof