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    The Paradox Box

    The Paradox Box "For a tag that rox, stop by the box." - Nocturne I think it's safe to say we all love creating new works of art that not only inspire us to do more but to learn more as well. The whole reason we're opening this shop is so we can make some sexy artwork for you and to expand...
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    A collab made by me and Miss Reflection. Can I get some cnc up in here?
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    [Dec] SOTW 101

    There would be way more entries, but most of the contestants were banned. Sorry guys.
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    Black Math

    Haven't made anything new in awhile. v1: v2: v3: cnc, what?
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    [Dec] SOTW 100

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    Quinton Flynn's Voice Acting

    If you all haven't noticed, Axel (didn't develop feelings for Roxas yet) was a bit more crazy and psychotic in CoM, so he was probably supposed to sound more... angry/dull.
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    [Dec] SOTW 97

    sorry about the lateness.
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    [Sub] SOTW 97

    Due Date: 1/24/09
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    Happy Birthday Guardian Soul!

    He closes your threads, so WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY. D: He better have an awesome one. <3
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    Help/Support ► Why is she doing this to me?

    Eh, you should really try talking to her. Maybe some stuff is going on in her life that is making her like that, or she might just be a flirty person. And by 'been with' do you mean, she's your girlfriend? Because it doesn't seem that way. If she was you two would be talking more. But yeah, you...
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    [Sub] SOTW 96

    Text = focal. <3 Due Date: 1/4/09 Edited due date. Edited, AGAIN, because Dan is slow. <3
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    [Sub] SOTW 95

    Due Date: 12/13/08
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    [Vote] SOTW 94

    This is just sad, I tell you.
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    Quinton Flynn confirmed for Axel

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    Fanfiction ► Salvation

    Omg so cute. D: I loved it! It's so well done, gah. You should so write another sometime! Thanks for taking the time to do this. <3
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    Happy Birthday Deeman!

    You all know him, SO WISH HIM A HAPPY BIRTHDAY OMG. D: ⋆♥⋆ Yay. ♪
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    Fanfiction ► Salvation

    I haven't read fanfiction on here in forever, but this really caught my attention. The plot is really well done, and you portray the characters perfectly. Awesome job on all of it so far. :D I love Twilight. <3 Can't wait for future chapters.
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    Just a quick sketch of one of my friends. I don't usually post stuff like this here, but whatevs. JT by ~itslivi on deviantART Yes it sux. Comments? & tight pants ftw :D
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    Happy Birthday Agent007!

    That's right, guys. I want everyone to wish this sweet guy a happy birthday. <3 GOGOGO. <3
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    Help/Support ► Burn

    Wow. These all sound so painful. D: The worst burn I have probably gotten was when straightening my hair, and you can adjust the temperature and such when using it. Well, somehow, I ended up being careless and it ended up slipping and clamping on my hand, when it was on about 500 degrees...