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  1. Zol

    PSD's please?

    Can someone share some PSD's I can learn off of? PS only please. No Gimp.
  2. Zol

    I have no idea.

    What is this?
  3. Zol

    Drop Zone

    Entered for SOTW. cnc? EDIT 1: EDIT 2:
  4. Zol

    Help/Support ► Weight problems

    my Dad weighed 150 at 20 yrs. Then he hit 21 and the weight came. about 195 so it'll come.
  5. Zol

    Enilisting for a shop

    The reason I'm not sending an application to any is because I can't pick one, and I wouldn't mind joining any of them so, if you own a shop, I'd love to be recruited. http://oi44.tinypic.com/fe19fq.jpg And if you don't own a shop, cnc is fine.
  6. Zol


    TADA! cnc? personally, i think i shoulda never put that lens flare in.
  7. Zol


    Hey guys. I signed up a while ago. Now I'm back. Hopfully I'll be more active this time around. :X :confused:
  8. Zol

    How did lea turn into axel?

    glad this thread was here, cleared some thing's up for me
  9. Zol

    Hello again.

    Hey I'm Zol, i joined awhile ago, and unfortunately forgot about this site. So here i am.... I like to do GFX, and i'm not too bad at it. always taking pointers and lessons though. I occasionally do some role playing. I am also on the forums of KHPlanet and Square Enix online. Maybe you know...
  10. Zol

    Hey there everyone!

    Hi im Zol im friendly. i like to do roleplays and i hate to say i havent heard the best things about this site so impress me and i'll stay ;)