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  1. tangerine

    Help/Support ► I hate having to ask stuff like this lol

    There's no real time span on how long a person should wait to tell another that they love them. If you love someone then there's no reason that you shouldn't let them know. If you really want to know whether she told you that she loves you just because you had sex (or whatever you did) then...
  2. tangerine

    Help/Support ► HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!

    Do any sort of experiment involving electromagnetism. It's always fun to see those.
  3. tangerine

    Fanfiction ► Kindom Hearts Parody Script 7

    Re: khps7 You're always told the same thing when you post your updates here. Why do you think that you should be exempt from the same rules that everyone else has to adhere to? Members don't come to this section to read fan fiction. Members already know where the fan fiction section is, and so...
  4. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Major Choice- Career Path, etc.

    It can be interesting to note that if you become a writer, then you can incorporate many different fields into one with your writing. You can become a journalist for a psychology magazine, for example, or you could explore various psychological aspects in your characters in a novel, which adds...
  5. tangerine

    Help/Support ► My College Essay

    That's not really what I wrote, nor does that cater to what he asked for. I already stated that bit, which you just made more vague, in my first post. The second was made as he required more information and explanations because he wasn't sure how to proceed. Your extremely vague "summary"...
  6. tangerine

    Help/Support ► My College Essay

    Fixing it would require a rewrite. As I wrote in bold font in my first post, you should stick to answering the question at hand, which is: "what experiences have changed you and will make you a better student on campus?" What they're asking for here are personal experiences that have shaped you...
  7. tangerine

    PSP2 news. (What? Really? Yes!)

    Source: PSP2 Hits Next Fall With Dual Analog Sticks, Touch Pad and Bigger Screen
  8. tangerine

    Help/Support ► My College Essay

    Your writing is pretentious, redundant and pointless. Nearly every other teenager is going to make the mistake of writing in the exact manner that you did. Those who don't are the ones who will be accepted. Stick to answering the question at hand. Administration doesn't care about current or...
  9. tangerine

    Help/Support ► i'm disgusted at myself...

    You deserve to feel guilty. I'm surprised he forgave you, because I certainly wouldn't. Yeah, I know this post doesn't help and it's mean. Too bad. That's how it is.
  10. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Car vs PSP

    Look into your college choices, first. Some colleges and universities have their own bus system for students, which means you definitely wouldn't be needing a car.
  11. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Car vs PSP

    So, you buy a crap car for $200, can't get a good job and thus can't pay for gas. Does that sound useful to you? Are you able to get around where you need to go right now? You're obviously able to get to the ref job. Why do you need a car?
  12. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Car vs PSP

    How are you going to buy a car with 200 dollars? Duh. If you mean just to pay for your license, it doesn't cost that much. You can afford both, providing you don't fail your test and considering you still have that job.
  13. tangerine

    Kingdom Hearts 3D to be an "entirely new game" (Famitsu interview translation)

    I think he was referring to the gameplay or visual system. The question asks what kind of system will be present on the 3DS and Nomura answers that they haven't gone with a 3D system, yet. Anyway, that was good to read. I thought that there was another title that wasn't announced yet, despite...
  14. tangerine

    Fanfiction ► The Fan-Fic Writer's Moving Sidewalk

    Re: The Author's Corner Thanks for pointing that out! I replaced it with: "an elongated evening". I'm glad you enjoyed it, as well.
  15. tangerine

    gamespot E3 noruma interview

    I don't know who this Noruma person is, but he's clearly extremely insightful.
  16. tangerine

    bbs nomura interview (e3)

    Of course Japanese fans are complaining about the extras in the English version. They always do and that's why they get a Final Mix with even more content. I don't really understand why they think that's any more fair. They could just do what English fans do and view the new scenes online...
  17. tangerine

    Message from the KINGDOM - Release date for Re:Coded

    ... Why did Nomura say that he wanted to do something special for North American fans with Re:Coded? We aren't even getting it before Japan. What a liar.
  18. tangerine

    Help/Support ► So confused

    Just because you think someone of the same sex is attractive, it doesn't mean that you're developing homosexual tendencies. The reason you can't get her out of her head may just be because she has particularly good features that you've longed for in yourself, whether they are physical or mental...
  19. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Transformation

    How to gain muscle mass over the summer with 20 rep squats That's the original program for you. It will work if you stick with it without cheating. (I know this because it's the program that I used when I started working out a long time ago. I ended up gaining 24 lbs in 2 months.) You don't...
  20. tangerine

    Help/Support ► Shaving?

    Bodybuilding.com - Find Bodybuilding Workouts! Read articles and such. I replied to another thread where someone was asking for advice on working out and I offered to post a special routine that can help you gain 20 lbs over the summer. I can do the same for you if you're serious about it.