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  1. saphexteni

    Kingdom Hearts 2.8 0.2 BBS Secret message in the song!

    I think the ones in Simple and Clean are a stretch. But the ones in Passion/Sanctuary are intentionally there - if you play the song normally, you can clearly hear those few scattered lines that don't make any sense. I used to think they were in Japanese, but then I found out otherwise. xD
  2. saphexteni

    News ► Recording Begins for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX!

    All I can say is.... A North American/overseas release! YES!! Now, to get my hands on a PS3.... xD lol. As much as I want to get my hands on this game ASAP, I'm wondering how soon I can get a PS3.... hmm... *starts coming up with a scheming plan* Anyways, THANK YOU SO MUCH, JESSE!!!! This...
  3. saphexteni

    Protectors of Light

    Yeah, all that was why I found it hard to believe that she would be one of the seven. But will each of the seven really split up to protect the seven PoH? Or will they just face the threat as a group? And if that happens, will each o them really correspond to one princess? The suppose the only...
  4. saphexteni

    Protectors of Light

    I was watching the secret ending to KH3D all over again, and it makes me think that the 7 that Master Yen Sid and Mickey have decided to go with are: 1. Sora 2. Riku 3. Mickey 4. Ven 5. Aqua 6. Lea 7. Kairi Whether this will be changed to accomodate whether or not Terra can come back could be...
  5. saphexteni

    Something I've been wondering

    Just jumping in here after lurking the thread. ^_^ That's an interesting thought... and seems plausible. But it also brings up whether or not "growing a new heart" could be correlated with the "healing of an already existent heart." I mean, we know that everything can grow a heart- Nomura made...
  6. saphexteni

    KINGDOM HEARTS 3D for $14.99 at Best Buy During Black Friday!

    Craaaazy cheap! It'd be perfect for people who plan on getting a 3DS in the next few months (or in the future in general, if you don't mind holding onto it ^_^ ). If I didn't have a 3DS, and I knew someone who did, I would probably buy the game (it's so cheap anyway) and borrow the...
  7. saphexteni

    Protectors of Light

    You bring up some really good points, but you're also just bringing up a false dichotomy- just because a character isn't in the FINAL 7 guardians of light, it doesn't mean they won't have a role in the future. In other words, if Kairi doesn't end up being in the final 7, it doesn't mean she...
  8. saphexteni

    Protectors of Light

    I personally think that by the end, the seven Guardians of Light will be: 1. Aqua 2. Ven 3. Terra 4. Mickey 5. Sora 6. Riku 7. Lea I don't think the seven will be clearly defined until the very final battle- that is, assuming (and hoping!!) that Terra is saved in between DDD and that fight. It...
  9. saphexteni

    The Roxas/Ventus Connection

    If you read Sephiroth0812's response above, you'll understand the situation. When Roxas was formed from Sora's empty body, Ventus's crippled heart stayed in it. So Ventus is/was a part of Roxas, not the other way around. And the reason Vanitas looks like Ven is because of Sora's connection to...
  10. saphexteni

    YMX's Keyblade

    Actually, Master Xehanort did possess Young Master Xehanort, temporarily. This is how YMX suddenly acquired the ability to wield the keyblade in the first place (YMX, in his own time, did not have that ability yet). Recall that Mickey had used a powerful "stopza" spell to freeze everything and...
  11. saphexteni

    Empty Worlds?

    That's something I've noticed since Birth By Sleep- I was really really hoping 3D would be different, but I was disappointed to see that they didn't change it up with the NPCs at all... it was even worst, regarding the fact that you can't even TALK to ANY characters at all. There were the TWO...