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  1. Jelai

    What does Xehanort plan remind you of?..

    I always thought that Xehanort and Voldemort kinda rhyme together. And this new info we have from the spoilers, pretty much reinforces my view of Kingdom Hearts being so much like Star Wars. It seems like everyone in Kingdom Hearts will be screwed over unless some Disney magic happens.
  2. Jelai

    Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending + Secret Ending

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 3D - Ending Well, considering that this is Nomura we're talking about here... it's possible.
  3. Jelai

    [SPOILERS] Is Isa Related To 3D's Young Xehanort?

    I did make a theory once on how Isa could be related to Young Xehanort, but it was a really twisted one and full of lulz (Isa is somehow Aqua's and Xehanort Apprentice's lovechild). I don't think Isa is related to Young Xehanort, or at least I don't think they're blood-related. Sure, their...
  4. Jelai

    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    Oh lolololol didn't see that part. xP lolol that could be a possibility. But I was going more for Axel grieving over Isa/Saix.
  5. Jelai

    No one dies in KH

    ` I LOL'd so hard. XDDD
  6. Jelai

    No one dies in KH

    Are Disney villains asleep, or really dead? I don't get why Nomura doesn't want death; they're all over the Disney films. It's as if 4kids overtook Kingdom Hearts or something...
  7. Jelai

    [Spoilers] How Does Lea...

    Maybe he had that Organization moogle make that weapon for him. As for the teardrop scars, they aren't really scars. They're more likely to be tattoos for this reason: ^ All of the above could have something to do as to why Lea no longer has his teardrop tattoos.
  8. Jelai

    [SPOILERS] Why was Lea wearing...

    Maybe he didn't have any other clothes that fit him in the present day? I mean, Lexeaus/Aleaus looked like he could still fit in his old clothes. As for Ienzo/Zexion, Ansem the Wise supplied adult-sized lab coats, so yeah. I thought only Nobodies can open Dark Portals? I mean, Lea is no...
  9. Jelai

    Kingdom Hearts - One of the Top 10 Best Series at TGS?

    I'm a bit surprised that Kingdom Hearts is still doing well despite its games being all over different consoles. But then I look at the numbers for the KH1 sales compared to the other KH sales and think that the fanbase shrunk a bit.
  10. Jelai

    KH3D 60-70% complete!

    Man, I can't believe 3D is almost finished that fast. I mean, compared to the long wait for 358/2 Days and Birth by Sleep, especially Birth by Sleep...
  11. Jelai

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Omg I love you. XD You should post it on DeviantART along with the news story, and especially submit it to all the KH clubs on Deviant Art lolololol. XD
  12. Jelai

    The world submerged in sleep

    Hopefully that really explains all this crazy 'time travel' stuff, because I'm still not hot with that theory.
  13. Jelai

    Sora and Riku's new duds.

    Or he could be sleeping inside Riku's heart; there was a theory about this a while back.
  14. Jelai

    KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku (clearer art now!)

    Re: KH3D keyart featuring Sora and Riku Finally, the site's working again so now I can finish posting. I thought of the same thing as well in regards to the Pokemon-looking heartless and how mature Riku looks. I think it looks a bit weird, though, because Riku has his kiddie hair while his...
  15. Jelai

    Has anyone noticed......

    Well, obviously... Luke Skywalker is tryin to be like Yoda. I think Aqua's more like Padme though, especially the scene where Terranort choked her (much like how Anakin choked Padme).
  16. Jelai

    Another characters? photos inside

    Maybe sharpening the image a bit would help us to decipher who that party member is? Right now, the dude to me looks like Pete's and some lesser Nobody's lovechild.
  17. Jelai

    Birth by Sleep Turns a Year old

    I can't believe it's already been a year. Boy does time sure fly by fast.
  18. Jelai

    KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu (Full translation in the opening post!)

    Re: KH3D/KHIII info in Famitsu. Why, Sakaguchi, why???? D:
  19. Jelai

    I think we have a chance for BBS remaster.

    Maybe once in a while some KH cosplayer would turn up at Disneyland and prance around for a while before getting caught by the staff for dressing up. Disneyworld though sells some KH merchandise at their Japan Epcot store. They also used to have an actual cast member dress up as Sora, but he...
  20. Jelai

    Mark of Mastery/BBS Vol. 2/DDD/Braig/ ?

    Honestly, I think that Xehanort might have an inkling about some X-blade knowledge, so he tried to use Isa and Lea in his experiment in order to forge another X-blade, but it failed, hense the X-scar on Isa (who could probably have more darkness in his heart than Lea). I even wrote an essay on...