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  1. QFSW

    Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Challenges (For experts)

    I'd try these on individual fights as I love stupid challenges but definitely wont try the whole game like this
  2. QFSW

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    Once you start getting endgame Valor form is the most useless form ever, no way to block or use magic
  3. QFSW

    Least Favorite Drive Form?

    You can indeed kill while in anti form. Watch the 13th clash by Everglow, he actually kills marluxia with antiform in that montage
  4. QFSW

    Top 5 Abilities in KH2FM?

    Dodge Roll Block Once More Second Chance Aerial Recovery
  5. QFSW

    All Boss DMs

    wow, very weird afraid there aint much i can do about that
  6. QFSW

    All Boss DMs

    Thank you! Im glad you liked it I was so angry, I went through like 7 iterations and uploaded the last without realising there was no text for Vexen Strange, for me it shows up as the is the n in Vexen, could you try reloading to make sure it wasnt some kind of weird bug?
  7. QFSW

    All Boss DMs

    Hi all. Finished the video :) There may have been some I missed - I didnt really include clouds since he doesn't have his own fight If there's any I missed feel free to let me know (here or in the comments, I don't mind) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pVKG1_yfUgg
  8. QFSW

    A way to level up Master form.

    Yup. It also happens whenever you go into a room where you wouldnt have party members (such as areas where donald and goofy are standing around to talk to)
  9. QFSW

    A way to level up Master form.

    I used the Yen Sid's tower method To make it even better make sure you have two drive recoveries
  10. QFSW

    A way to level up Valor and Wisdom

    I know some easier ways for Valor and Wisdom For Valor go to the mushroom in Agrabah, just keep hitting it till your drive is almost finished, go outside to the save point leave the world and re enter it. Rinse and repeat For wisdom I reccomend timeless river, especially mickeys room. Timeless...
  11. QFSW

    How hard is the Lingering Will?

    At first he is insanely hard, I was ecstatic after hitting him Now that I've practiced hundreds of times I can easily beat him in two minutes It's just practice
  12. QFSW

    All Boss DMs

    Yeah I'm with you on that about the discrepancy of whether or not a move is a DM. I guess if it's significantly more powerful or harder to dodge Thank you for those that you stated, they are definitely DMs A DM is their desperation move. It is essentially their super move that they perform in...
  13. QFSW

    All Boss DMs

    Hi all, im currently working on a new video and I need to know all of the different DMs in the game I've currently done all the data battles, terra, sephiroth and axel 1 what other DMs are there in the game? Thanks
  14. QFSW

    Hi all, I'm new here :)

    Hey guys, I'm pretty new here Been playing Kh since last june and I absolutely love it. I've only played Kh2.5 (KH2FM on critical mode and BBS with terra and ven on critical mode) but I'm absolutely loving it. When I finish BBS im gonna move onto 1.5. At the moment I'm currently doing a cm Lv1...