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  1. Greekguy7

    Even More New KH3D Screenshots

    I don't know, a dream. And it looks like Xemnas is behind Xehanort and vice-versa
  2. Greekguy7

    Even More New KH3D Screenshots

    In the two pics of Sora&Xemnas and Riku&Xehanort, the SKY IS DIFFERENT BY AN INCH!!!!! THEY ARE NOT THERE AT THE SAME EXACT TIME. That is all (sorry for unimportant outburst)
  3. Greekguy7

    New KH 3D Screens and Famitsu Article

    Well from the looks, When Sora and Riku are doing ther tricks (jumping aroung, going fast) The bar is full (from looks) My perdiction it is the momentum in their movements.
  4. Greekguy7

    More New Information From Famitsu on KH3D

    Hey! I was right about the MoM Exam not being a full game long. I'm sure alot of people also were.
  5. Greekguy7

    BBSFM Secret Ending, pretty much confirms mystery game.

    Well, Mickey was never playable, so maybe hes the "new" protaganist
  6. Greekguy7

    kh2 sora avatar and keyblades

    Eraqus's Keyblade is in it also. If you use the Nintendo Channel thing, you will encounter other characters, eventually Sora.
  7. Greekguy7

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    We already have a topic for that. I think its better to check there
  8. Greekguy7

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    No, CO is the last world of -see Sora4Sky's post-
  9. Greekguy7

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    Would The MoM Exam Be a full game long? I believe a majority of the game will be training and preparing for the Mark of Mastery Exam. Yen Sid might tell Sora to train by helping people in all new places, and he has to get there without the help of anyone. No Donald, No Goofy, and No Gummi...
  10. Greekguy7

    Share ur avatar (no spoilers)

    Here are my two favorite ones that I switch in between. http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af165/Greekguy8/4d46fabc.jpg http://i1004.photobucket.com/albums/af165/Greekguy8/3b270b3f.jpg
  11. Greekguy7

    Avatar Items

    Just use any game that uses local wireless. EDIT: I met every Org. member except Vexen. My avatar sector is 73 floors.
  12. Greekguy7

    Got the game? Want to share your thoughts? Re:coded impressions thread.

    I have 6 ds's. Three originals, 1 broke from hing problem, other two from cracked top screen, an ds lite, Left and Right triggers don't work, an dsi, and my parents thought I wanted an XL, so they got me one -_-. That thing is huge. I am very entertained with this game.
  13. Greekguy7

    How do you unlock the avatar sector

    this also, much better. Most of the time, you get a special avatar, an actual character but under a special name, like goofy is Knightgoof
  14. Greekguy7

    How do you unlock the avatar sector

    To get more parts, to to tag mode, wait a bit, and you should get an in-game tag buddy. That will open up Avatar Sector.
  15. Greekguy7

    Avatar Items

    I started withEraqus Starter Kit, Eraqus Keyblade, Red Nocturne Ensamble (RN starter Set, Hat, and heartless mask), a blue Rhapsody buddy, White Mushroom coat, Eraqus Scars, large bod'd shoes, Gummi Noggin (a hat), Checkered Sash (a belt), Paine's Wings, and Riku B's Wristbands
  16. Greekguy7

    Avatar Items

    Rare? I meet them alot. They do have awesome items though.
  17. Greekguy7

    Avatar Items

    I think if you leave it in tag mode for a while, you get a fake person. I got Pure ^_^ Joy a couple times but with different avatars
  18. Greekguy7

    What being is Vanitas?

    Maybe with all the negative emotions xD Or he may just have been stronger then.
  19. Greekguy7

    Origins of the Lanes Between and more.

    Weren't the lanes between formed when the worlds split apart?
  20. Greekguy7

    Command Meld Help

    You need a spare block. You need two of each movement command for melding