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  1. Walkway

    Hey...wait a second..[3D]

    So...This is the mark of mastery exam, yes? That's what the largest theory is, yes? Then why, in all heaven and hell isn't Riku using a keyblade in 3D? I mean, even if they were reverted back to their original KH1 power levels, you'd think he'd still be using a keyblade seeing as it's the...
  2. Walkway

    Help/Support ► "Just talk to her!"

    It's not so easy. Yeah, whatever. I'm not exactly PROUD that I'm asking for advice from my most favorite Kingdom Hearts forum but...yeah, whatever. I'm not a big fan of dumping my juvenile problems on a bunch of adults and peers but...I don't know, I guess I would just like some input. Honestly...
  3. Walkway

    Recording Video from PSP

    Yo, so like, I'm looking for a way to do this and am INCREDIBLY untechsavvy. How do I like....Get video of a game or whatever from my psp to my computer to like youtube or whatever. What's the easiest way to do so? Sahnk Yoo
  4. Walkway

    Elements of Shotlock

    ...I swear I've seen videos of people using different elemental shotlocks than the ones given (Dark for Terra, Fire for Ven, and Water for Aqua) If this is truly possible...How do I change it? This has been bothering me... Help would be appreciated! :D
  5. Walkway

    Repliku's Heart

    So as we all know, Repliku is dead. No doubt about it. The problem here is, according to our director, the is no such thing as death in this universe. As he was "dying" he asked where he would go, and I'm wondering that as well. I don't think he would just fade into nothingness, he did have a...
  6. Walkway

    I've done it! I've finally done it!

    255 Challenge Sigils and 358 Mission Crowns! Hooooo...It only took about 9 months and about 70 hours of my life but dangit does it feel good! Anyone else made this special achievement lately? If you have you probably somewhat understand my excitement about it. ...Ultima Weapon is kind of a...
  7. Walkway

    Fanfiction ► My Best Friends, A Rooftop Picnic...and Cake [KH- RAX]

    Narration by Xion. And other stuff...What other stuff? ------------------------- You could color me surprised; I wasn't expecting a day like this. Seriously, how dumb was Saïx to send all three of us on a mission together? Did he not expect us to start goofing off? Well, I wasn't goofing off...
  8. Walkway

    Question about the end of Days. *Spoilers? I guess?*

    Spoilers? I guess? If the end of Days still counts as spoilers. Anyways, my memory has nearly completely faded in terms of some of the story so I need someone to do some explaining for me if you don't mind. So Xion is disappearing or crystalizing or L'cieing or whatever you call it, and she...
  9. Walkway

    Axel and Saix's...

    ...Original selves were unwilling participants in Xehanort's darkness experiments Let's start with Isa. From what's we know him, he seems to be a pretty nice kid. He also lacks the signs of using dark powers - his eyes are green rather than gold, and his ears are normal rather than pointy. In...
  10. Walkway

    Kingdom Hearts Films

    What would you think of Kingdom Hearts movies? Done in the style of Disney Animated Classics from the 90s? Colorful animated animation and such. I think it'd be a neat way to present the series if they ever decided to adapt it in that way.
  11. Walkway

    Theater Mode

    Just curious, can you watch the secret ending and whatnot in theater mode?
  12. Walkway

    What about Zack?

    So Reconnect makes it pretty clear that most, if not all the "deaths" in the series will be reversed by resident hero guy Sora. (Except maybe MX 'cause that dude deserves to burn in hell) But what, my fellow KHers, about poor poor ZACK. Somehow I don't think he'll be getting saved. Looks...
  13. Walkway

    Coded for iPhone/iTouch

    Honestly, I've been thinking, and this doesn't seem too unlikely. Apparently, Eddie Carrol said he was doing voicework for a kingdom hearts game that I guess HAD to be coded. I was thinking that if it would come out for anything in the states, it'd fit best on iPhone. SquareEnix already has a...
  14. Walkway

    What Kingdom Hearts Means To Me

    (inc. Walls of Text) So, yesterday I picked up the japanese version of Birth By Sleep and it got me thinking about the small, but special role this series has had in my life. (Excuse any date slip ups I have, it's all pretty hazy x)) First of all, I'm sixteen, so when the first Kingdom Hearts...
  15. Walkway

    Here Be New Member!

    I had other thing to say. Now I don't. :| Hello