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  1. sora itchikara

    Fable Roleplay

    Plot: This takes place after the last hero died defeating lucifer. Now the world is now being plunged into darkness once agin. But the man doing it is unknown. But we need heroes to stop this great evil. The darkness has already spread far across the land. Many have rose to the challenge and...
  2. sora itchikara

    Inuyasha-Broken Dreams Ooc and Signups

    (Also I will be the one who plays Sesshomaru and my own character. Also those who choose the rebellion must listen to the selcted leaders of the group including me) Name: Sora Itchikara Age: 14 Gender: Male Appearance: Personality: Cool,Calm,Collected,Polite Abilities:Shadow Arrow...
  3. sora itchikara

    Sora Itachikara

    Hi im new to the forums but im a great rper i also run my own forums. Im thirteen years old and a big fan of mostly all anime