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    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    What most people are referring to is David Gallagher's reading of "Well, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy went off to search for clues in every past world Sora's been to..." etc etc etc. It sounds like a cold read, Riku almost sounds confused and slowed down by what he's saying.
  2. Launchpad

    Can we talk about how atrocious the Remind Limit Cut voice acting is?

    Yuffie and Cid carried, everyone else was a robot in that scene. Its easy to overlook, though, since that cutscene is the prelude to the best few days of gaming I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. At least Riku sounded a bit better in MoM.
  3. Launchpad

    Stuff we love about Kingdom Hearts

    Disney movies make for amazing video game levels. It's such an ingenious thing that amazes me to this very day, no game designer would just come up with so many characters and varied settings for a game. They struck gold and its still working.
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    Multiple playable characters...(Fun discussion)

    So... you guys want multiple playable characters in at launch, and any additional content to be completely free of charge. Isn't this known as having your cake and eating it too?
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    About the outfits... (Fun discussion)

    Thats what Donald's magic does, worlds themselves have never supplied garb simply because a newborn anime boy was hanging dong in the middle of the forest. Put simply, the only thing I'm led to believe is that Roxas's clothes are more like a genetic shell, something that seems like a cloth but...
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    What do we call Norting now?

    Getting Xiggy with it
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    Multiple playable characters...(Fun discussion)

    At the risk (that I always take) of being repetitive, I'm gonna say what I always say in response to the 'multiple playable characters' conundrum: no!!! While fun and value are always a matter of perspective, there's a certain level of fact to the notion that in KH3, Riku, Aqua, Roxas, and...
  8. Launchpad

    Returning Characters and Character Developments/Arcs

    I don't think Sora will ever rely on anything BUT friendship, in order to be strong. I just think he may come to depend on memories and belief in his friends, no matter how far they may be. If anything, he'll probably depend on friendship more in KH4 than in any other game baby!! Let's go...
  9. Launchpad

    Before The Hype Train: Theories/Beliefs

    I think there will be a few devastating voice actor changes/replacements, and the one I fear most of all is Tony Anselmo being replaced by Daniel Ross (Donald's occasional temporary replacement actor).
  10. Launchpad

    Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Vinyl LP Box releasing on March 22rd, 2023

    Getting a KH4 song officially released early is exciting. The anniversary art really is perfect for this, too.
  11. Launchpad

    KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link Prototype Test begins January 2023 in Japan

    Okay, it's January. Time to see how FUN this game is going to be! Just like all the other FUN games they've made for the phone! My favorite part of KH games? Well, the FUN of course!
  12. Launchpad

    10 Years of Launchpad...?!?

    Good lord. It's been a decade since I hopped on here and started whinging, gatekeeping, and being a mischievous little scamp. I am now old, gray, and my feeble eyes can barely make out the font on this website, but know this-- I am not done yet. When KH4 news starts circulating, I will rise up...
  13. Launchpad

    ReSET The World

    Dudes be like "Here's what SHOULD happen in Kingdom Hearts: (posts fanfic)" I am going to be so genuinely angry and mad and embarrassed if someone finds an example of me doing this years ago to own me
  14. Launchpad

    2nd anniversary already…?

    Game killed itself with rank-based matchmaking. Never got to play with friends.
  15. Launchpad

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    And yet, for whatever reason, she's yet again left behind to train, this time with Aqua. Because... training, guys!!! In KH7 it'll all make sense, once Kairi is finally ready to REALLY set out and fight for herself..
  16. Launchpad

    party members (Fun discussion)

    no way is the bro with the anakin skywalker avatar saying that Donald and Goofy "held Sora back".. it's too good.
  17. Launchpad

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    Real training = meeting disney characters and whacking heartless to death until you unlock more abilities to whack bigger heartless to death Fake training = sparring with another keyblade wielder, listening to the wizard, eating ice cream in the void For real, if Sora and Riku are the top dogs...
  18. Launchpad

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    This ^^^^ very much, and also not just by putting them through stuff and having them fight, but allowing them to exhibit emotions other than worry, sadness, or anger. Aqua went on a big adventure across Disney worlds and never once did I get the impression that she was having fun...
  19. Launchpad

    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    The shortage of consoles is why big titles are taking longer to come, not vice versa.
  20. Launchpad

    When do you realistically see this thing being released?

    Oh. I don't agree with any of that!