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  1. MarluxiaNo11

    It's been awhile..

    Not too sure anybody who I used to know in the 10 and a half years I've been registered here are still around, but I just got KH 1.5-2.5 collection on PS4 and remembered. Good memories, nice to see the site sticking to it's good and fun roots. I'll be around to check out the KH3 discussions...
  2. MarluxiaNo11

    Help/Support ► Grief

    It'll be six years in November since my Mum died of kidney cancer and I for one don't feel like I'm making any progress when it comes to grief, let alone the rest of my family. From the countless counselling sessions, the battle with depression - which I think I beat - and the many nightmares...
  3. MarluxiaNo11

    Does anyone else engage in independent role playing?

    I've always been a huge fan of role playing, but it wasn't until I was introduced to Tumblr RP's that I fell in love. After 6 months of role playing with a community, I found myself not completely satisfied as I was never really in control of what was happening and I was never fully in control...
  4. MarluxiaNo11

    Coming up to my 6th year on the forums.

    I may not be the most active of all people, but this website has never left my bookmarks bar! I'm shocked that I've been here for this long and a fan of Kingdom Hearts for even longer! It's such an epic forum that even if you are away for a little while, you will always come back and not much...
  5. MarluxiaNo11

    My 20th Birthday.

    I'm really twenteen, it's been established. Happy birthday to me!
  6. MarluxiaNo11


    So we're studying this at University at the moment and I've got the Easter break to do the essay. Just want people to give their definition of it as there is no official definition out there, I decided my 5 external sources would be what you guys (the public) determine Postmodernism to be. I...
  7. MarluxiaNo11

    Create a Story!

    Let's write a story you guys, each person adds a new sentence onto the story. I'll start: ----------------- One day I woke up,
  8. MarluxiaNo11

    Help/Support ► Not the biggest of issues, but it sure feels like it is.

    It's quite a common thing to have a crush on your best friend, right? Yet my situation stretches a bit deeper than just a simple crush which you can ignore, in the fact that I may just be in love with him. I've known this boy for quite some time now, we met in 2009 when I first went to college...
  9. MarluxiaNo11

    Keyblade Armour

    I had an idea that I'd love to see featured in KH3. So we know that Ven, Terra and Aqua had this armor they could use which I found pretty epic, but what if when Sora and Riku become masters and possibly we see an introduction of Kairi in the future games as a keyblade wielder alongside the...
  10. MarluxiaNo11

    Making my return! Hi guys! :D

    Once again University work caught up with me and I was away from the site for a long time again. I am back but I'll re-introduce myself. I am Jake, I'm 19 and British and a Marluxia fan boy. :D Hope to re-settle back in. :D
  11. MarluxiaNo11

    Anyone heard of..

    Dev? If not, this thread is pointless.
  12. MarluxiaNo11

    Been ages..

    since I was last on here, wow!! Still one of my fave games, even from when i registered in 2006 lol. :redface:
  13. MarluxiaNo11

    Hades Paradox Cup :)

    I know you don't get anything for it but I just completed the Hades Paradox Cup for the first time. :) I've kept it off for a while as i know it takes a lot of patience but i didn't die once so I'm preety proud off myself. Just thought i'd share my satisfaction with you lot seen as i didn't get...
  14. MarluxiaNo11

    Fanfiction ► Number XI - A rookies point of view

    I've begun writing this Fan-Fiction which was inspired by the ending of KH2. I'm a complete rookie, so posting hate against it is not appreciated, however, constructive criticism is welcomed. Take note before reading that I feel the Keyblade hasn't been explored enough therefore we are still in...
  15. MarluxiaNo11


    These are good, populer now aswell, making good songs. Opinions on them?
  16. MarluxiaNo11

    Lit ► Brdget Jones - The Novel

    So i foundd this book in the wardrobe and i had seen the film so i thought i would read it and enjoyed it a lot, anyone else read it or infact watched the film. Thoughts?
  17. MarluxiaNo11

    ∇ BATH HAUS of GAGA ∇

    Amazing. :love:
  18. MarluxiaNo11


    In the White Room; there was a picture of Riku standing next to the pod, can anyone explain this one to me?
  19. MarluxiaNo11


    Did Demyx deserve to be in the organisation, he was weak and a wimp, this is an opinion only, thoughts please?
  20. MarluxiaNo11

    Little Britain

    So i heard that they took our UK series and they made a USA series, whats it like in the USA?