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  1. hemmoheikkinen

    A philosophical truth.

  2. hemmoheikkinen

    Voltron: Legendary Defender

  3. hemmoheikkinen

    H-hello there.

  4. hemmoheikkinen

    Twinkle the Marvel Horse

    I have been watching some older cartoons with my sister in the evening, and I can`t believe that I had forgotten one my favorite characters of all time: TWINKLE THE MARVEL HORSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_rw4Vnml-w
  5. hemmoheikkinen

    Linkin Park`s Chester Bennington has passed away

    Linkin Park´s vocalist Chester Bennington has passed away at the age 41 Linkin Park's Chester Bennington dead, commits suicide | Daily Mail Online To see one of my childhood heroes and persons who I look up to leave this world... my heart is heavy from grief.
  6. hemmoheikkinen

    If Regis

    If FFXV would have harnessed it`s Hamlet inspiration that was speculated during the Versus-era, Drautos, aka General Glauca should have killed Regis with ear poison during Kingsglaive. Dat would have been da climax.
  7. hemmoheikkinen

    Anime/Manga ► BLAME!

    So yeah, BLAME! is this pretty cool, older science fiction manga that was created by Tsutomu Nihei. Nihei used to study architecture which shows in his world design especially in the buildings. They are massive and take a lot of the screen space from the pages. The original manga ended a while...
  8. hemmoheikkinen

    What is Kizuna Ai?

    Okay so most you probably think that I have lived under a rock or something after this, but today I discovered that YouTuber called Kizuna Ai exists. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=22&v=dwXOCqNWz4Q Does anyone here know if there is a real person behind this(just using animation...
  9. hemmoheikkinen


    A few days back as I was lost deep in thought, pondering deep thoughts, I discovered that if you add the letter f to the word art, you get fart. This is an incredible discovery. Maybe this will lead to a better understanding of humanity and art itself. What thoughts this amazing discovery...
  10. hemmoheikkinen

    3 stages of a video game boss fight.

    First try: 10 tries later: ??? tries later: Also known as full try hard mode.
  11. hemmoheikkinen

    RWBY jokes

    On a scale of Penny laying stiff on the ground saying salutations to 10, how good you`r social skills are? You could say that during the events of Vol 3 things got pretty.... grim. That`s So Raven On a scale of 1 to how lovable dork are you?
  12. hemmoheikkinen

    Fanfiction ► Tokyo Ghoul :re - Reflection of a mirror

    Sitting alone in the Chetau. Rest of the squad has important matters to do at the HQ, so I am alone finishing up a report. Annual meeting with Dr.Chiba who monitors the Quinx Squad`s Rc-levels is also coming up soon. “I wonder if he has noticed it yet…?” As the stress about the...
  13. hemmoheikkinen

    0.2 memes

  14. hemmoheikkinen

    What really is inside of Master of Master`s mysterious box!

    *proceeds to laugh like a mad person alone because no one else will get the joke*
  15. hemmoheikkinen

    SPOILERS - The World Within and the 3 mirrors, 3 sets of feelings?

    As Aqua enters the World Within in 0.2, a world of mirrors and reflections, 3 mirrors start to spin around her. These mirrors steal Aqua`s reflection and you have to defeat a phantom version of Aqua 3 times in order to retrieve you`r reflection and to move on. While you are proceeding the level...
  16. hemmoheikkinen

    Jojo did it again

    jojo56830 Jojo`s stuff is the best! :D
  17. hemmoheikkinen

    Was Rabbit a communist?

    Was Rabbit a communist? Discuss.
  18. hemmoheikkinen

    Totally meta

    *people thought it was sad that folks complained in the comment sections, thus ruining Nomura`s kind holiday message* *people here started to fight and complain, thus too ruining the kind holiday message.
  19. hemmoheikkinen

    Suffer well

    Aha! I got it! It`s a well where you suffer. My logic is perfect.