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  1. Poupukeyblade

    The secret ending HELP?!?!?!?!

    Sorry this is out of topic but do you guys know where the secret ending can be seen? I just defeated the final chapter but i cant find the secret ending.
  2. Poupukeyblade

    Tips for vanitas battle

    I beat Vanitas on level 33. Fill you decks full of high potions and curaga. Rely on blocks and hit Vanitas only two times when he is not doing anything and on the last part of final battle where Ven is in this dark area full of gems, use only the shoot-lock system.
  3. Poupukeyblade

    Could be a problem with BBS?

    Just wondering, do the people that have just the game and not the bundle have this problem too?
  4. Poupukeyblade

    Birth by sleep registration card

    Well the bundle doesn't come with the case of the game it just has the game. the manual was in this envelope like thingy but it didn't contain the registration card. Did anyone here get the bundle? And couldn't you download the theme on the official birth by sleep site?
  5. Poupukeyblade

    Could be a problem with BBS?

    I called sony today and they said it may just be the manufacturing of the psp. They told me to check the psp on another game and send it in if the problem still occurs.
  6. Poupukeyblade

    Birth by sleep registration card

    Yeah the barcode doesn't work. I'm trying to find the product serial code to get members points.
  7. Poupukeyblade

    Birth by sleep registration card

    I'm not sure if this is in the right section but whatever. Anyways why doesn't the birth by sleep bundle come with the square enix registration card?
  8. Poupukeyblade

    Could be a problem with BBS?

    I got the bundle today too and its been happening to me a lot too. So if you actually quit does it stop appearing?
  9. Poupukeyblade

    Roxas's necklace

    Sorry if this was already said but did anyone see that Roxas didn't have his necklace during the time he was in the organization? How did he get his necklace after that?
  10. Poupukeyblade

    Two questions(Spoilers)

    ok thanks for the info guys
  11. Poupukeyblade

    Two questions(Spoilers)

    I know this is a weird question but when Namine said that everyone would forget about Xion when she got the memories from her when she died does that include her too? Just checking on 358/2 days what does the /2 days stand for?
  12. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts 358/2 site

    Sorry if this has already been told but this is new for me, the kingdom hearts 358/2 days europe site is updated with some wallpapers, gameplay, and more.
  13. Poupukeyblade

    In what order will you use TAV for BBS?

    For me I'm not sure, if i get the game I'm probably gonna put the one i mostly want to know about last.
  14. Poupukeyblade

    Bonus items

    I might get it from gamestop but who knows maybe the cover sleeve may look really cool too
  15. Poupukeyblade

    Bonus items

    I haven't reserved a copy of kingdom hearts 358/2 days yet and i'm not sure where to get it from should i get it from gamestop, target, or amazon, whats you opinion.
  16. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts Europe site

    Well i guess they have some information about it and some screen shots but i don't think their really new, go to KINGDOM HEARTS 358/2 Days | SQUARE ENIX
  17. Poupukeyblade

    358/2 english demo

    Cool, I was going through the channels and saw that the comic con was on but didn't watch it, didn't know the game was there:/
  18. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts Europe site

    Hey did anyone check out the new Europe kingdom hearts 358/2 days site?
  19. Poupukeyblade

    Sephiroth - Tips please?

    I finally beat sephiroth thanks to this video YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II - Sephiroth Battle Guide
  20. Poupukeyblade

    Kingdom hearts playart figures

    I was thinking of getting one of the playart figures but i can't choose, which do you think is better? Oh and i forgot to put halloween sora too.