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    Youtube BBS Playthrough

    I knew that! In fact, I have subscribed him long ago (2008, to be more exacly) and I love his playthroughs! (He does KH2:FM and Re:CoM aswell)
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    I think people are giving Ven a greater role than he has....

    He is not THAT useless, is he? Anyway, I believe that MX only used Ven to obtain the X blade because he was already his apprenctice, so it was easier for him to create Vanitas from Ven than use an unknown one.
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    BBS Difficulty Level?

    As all the KH games I'll star on Beginning mode >.< (I am a terrible player, I would never get the secret ending on pround mode, anyway) After, maybe I'll try Standard.
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    [BBS SPOILERS] Sora and Riku Trained

    If Aqua trains them... I think they'll be able to learn everything she/ME knows/knew.
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    Theory: LS is... *Spoilers*

    Normal heartless and normal nobodies aren't supposed to talk aswell. Like there are special nobodies and special heartless (Ansem SoD) there could be a special Unversed (created by a very strong sentiment that left from the original heart/body)
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    The Connection Between Riku and Master Xehanort (Spoilers)

    I liked your theory, and I would appreciate if it were true (It'd shut the mouth of the people that say SHD is old Riku up... Figures..!). Let's wait until ultimania is out and then, all of our unanswered questions will be answered (?)
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    People getting owned in bbs!

    Re: Guy get's owned Poor guy ... I believe Terra is too much for him xD
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    Revisiting worlds?

    In KH 1, after playing the world's canon plot we could revisit them and, sometimes, there were optional bosses (Agrabah one, Neverland one and Sephiroth). What I want to know is what do we get if we revisit all the worlds in BbS.. Dunno, maybe a secret non-canon boss? (I'm not talking about...
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    (SPOILERS) NEW Aqua and new world!

    Let me see if I'm right.... Aqua created CO only to protect Ven? Mmmmmmmmm.... Naminé was born there, right? MMMMMMM!!
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    This game is not for children anymore

    KH1 is for kids>>CoM... Maybe>>KH2... more or LESS>>Days... The children will go wtf-d>>BbS definitivaly not for children. Probably KH3 will be for former scientists xP Anyways, when I played KH for the first time I was 11, and I went wtf-d when the nobody thing started xP
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    At first, we gave Xehanort the title of KH's main villian

    It doesn't really make much difference. Xehanort is still MX in some way. ô.Õ
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    Hmmm... I like this.... I can see... I have made a quick theory: Ansem SoD and Xemnas were destroyed = Terranort returns. However, time's passed and he is "old" again and he needs another powerful body, and another powerful apprenctice. He sees that Riku has a lot of darkness inside of him, just...
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    I don't see why it would be restored. It was destroyed by MX, not heartless (like Dwarf Woodlands, Castle of Dreams and Enchanted Dominion)
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    Vanitas explains what the unversed is

    I believe they reproduce like: 1 turn into 2, that turn into 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. And yes, I think so. As Agren said, he wanted the X-blade, so he needed to make Ven as strong as he was. (Not sure 'bout it)
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    Vanitas explains what the unversed is

    I was reading this guy's playthrough when I noticed an interesting point. Before the last battle of Ven's scenario, Vanitas says to Ventus: And so, another mystery on the KH world is resolved.(?) sorabasically
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    Quick theory on the silver-haired mystery man

    Uhh... I believe there's no older Riku... Can't you see? It's Terranort.
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    For the people who spoiled bbs

    Of course I'm going to buy.. When I bought my american Days, I had already seen all of its playthrough on youtube xD
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    Secret ending, perfect quality and WITH SOUND.

    WEEE! Wait... This secret ending is Terra's right? Are there more (Aqua's or Ven's)?
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    Keyblade Graveyard intro ! ! !

    THAT was epic *_____* (25)
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    I always thought it was canon >.< Anyway.... I need to know about Ven's story... Ya know... Everyne is talkig about Terra and a little about Aqua, but nothing bout Ven!