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    HOW would Axel be Riku's Nobody?

    I think he is Rikku's nobody
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    XBOX 360 Contest

    Hey everyone :cool: I was wondering if you guys will help me out- I belong to the Tales Brigade forum along with this one. Well, this month, whoever recruits the most people wins an Xbox 360! So, I was wondering if any of you would be interested in helping me out please? Most of my friends are...
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    Tales Series

    I was just wondering, if there are any Tales fans here. Like tales Of Symphonia, Legendia, and the Abyss, etc? If so, which is your favorite and why? Come talk about tales :thumbsup:
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    Does anyone know a good place to see the american version of Tsubasa? I can't seem to be able and find the DVD anyplace around where I live :blushing:
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    Hopefully, we will be able to get this game here in NA. But, I am not putting my hopes up too high. It seems that Japan always gets the exclusives. They got KH Final Mix, and FFX-2 International and Last Mission. It seems, that they always make it so the Japanese people have more quality games...
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    New anime

    I too, need to find a cool new anime to watch. It seems lately, that there is a lack of good anime shows. I mostly like the magical girl kinds. Here is a list of what I have seen so far. If anyone has any ideas at all, please let me know:thumbup: D.N. Angel Inuyasha Sailor Moon Card Captor...
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    wow....cool video. Thanks for posting about it. One-hit kill? Wow, imagine how strong that dude is. Is this the knight Nomura said in the interview he could not even beat him?
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    ES Boss Fight Footage

    Cool! who is that guy? For some reason, where Sora is standing, reminds me of that place in the new secret video where the three knights stand.
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    Tsubasa Fans

    Hey, I was just wondering: Which do you guys like better? The Tsubasa Manga, or the brand-new Tsubasa anime? I prefer the anime. But, the manga is great too :thumbsup:
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    Help/Support ► Gamer's Block?

    well, you could always try renting different game types. Either that, or try one of your oldest favorite games
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    kh2 secret ending comments spoilers

    Nope-sorry that is old. I think that was shown almost right away after the game came out in the States. Thanks anyway though for posting it.
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    Some minor problems with my KH2 game....

    Sounds like a scratched disc. Have you tried to either clean the PS2 itself, or clean the disc? that might be one of your problems:toungesmile:
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    Help/Support ► Job? job!

    Thanks. Believe me, I know exactly what you mean. Nothing can change what has happened in the past. When others, especially kids, depend on you, it makes more stress appear in your daily life
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    Smack That

    I was wondering who likes the song Smack That? I just heard it recently for the first time- my sister has it on her cell phone.
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    Help/Support ► What to do?!?

    Thank you too, Dark Sephiroth. I hope things get better. Right now, it just seems like we are at the bottom of the barrel. You know what I mean? at least we still have eachother. Thanks for the advice :)
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    Help/Support ► i might get killed

    well, first off- this can be very serious. To threaten someone elses life like that is not good. You should call the cops if you are that afraid. Did you tell your parents? if so, what did they say to do?
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    Help/Support ► What to do?!?

    Thank you venom :) you really helped me out, and made me feel better. I will try and talk with her today. Especially since it is New Year's today. I do want to get my license. Right now, we can't afford to even get my temps reissued yet. But, as soon as I can, I will get my license. Thank you...
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    Help/Support ► What to do?!?

    I am 23. I never wanted to get a license (I know, I am wierd...so sue me), I do not have a job. It seems that everyone still has the seasonal people right now. As the post states- I do not have a job, would not make enough income to support the house, medicine, and food.
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    Help/Support ► What to do?!?

    Can anyone give me some advice? I am dependant on this family- I can't drive yet, have no job. I can't get a job and afford to pay for medicine, utilities, and food. I do not know what to do
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    Help/Support ► What to do?!?

    I think I need some advice, and a ton or prayers please. Here is my situation: My mom and I never had a family- my dad was a verbal abuser. He died 2 years ago. A year ago, my cousin, his wife, and their threee kids came to live with us. My mom considers my cousin like the son she never had...