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  1. AndrewJP

    News ► First Glimpse at KH 1.5 HD Re:Mix Trailer!

    I know they've said character models have been updated, but it looks like the models are from the first game still..
  2. AndrewJP

    News ► New V-Jump Scan of KINGDOM HEARTS 1.5 HD ReMIX Surfaces!

    please no more reaction commands -_- the game is easy enough
  3. AndrewJP

    Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

    I'm excited! :D & the "prologue to the final battle" makes me uneasy ..I DON'T WANT KINGDOM HEARTS TO END :[
  4. AndrewJP

    Re:coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated!

    Re: coded Ultimania - Scenario Mysteries Interview Translated! I'm confused.. LOL I read all the comments.. Someone want to summarize? ;]
  5. AndrewJP

    Official BbS Pre-Order Discussion Thread

    I just changed my pre-order to the bundle. I'm so excited :o
  6. AndrewJP

    Gamestop Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Official Strategy Guide

    I pre-ordered it when I pre-ordered the game a month ago lol
  7. AndrewJP

    New July Trailer!

    Re: bbs new trailer Wish the gameplay looked more interesting :/ Great find :D
  8. AndrewJP

    Kingdom Hearts Re:coded E3 Trailer!

    Same I'd rather just watch someone play it on youtube..
  9. AndrewJP

    KH 3DS - Confirmed

    I was dreading the 3DS and now KH is on it.. damn lol
  10. AndrewJP

    BBS E3 2010 English Trailer VS TGS 2009 Japan Trailer

    I'm not impressed with the voice actors :[ Kinda want to play the game in Japanese with subtitles.. lol I'm excited for the new boss :D
  11. AndrewJP

    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) I hope this doesn't mean KHIII will be on the Wii.. Can't wait to play though!!! :D
  12. AndrewJP

    BbS Release Date Announced

    I'm disappointed. That's so far away..but I'm also not surprised since it's Square lol ..since the trailer is on the official site, that means the voice acting is real.. D; damnit
  13. AndrewJP

    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    So the voice..yeah..no ..
  14. AndrewJP

    BbS NA release date = 1 June 2010?

    Seems too good to be true :D
  15. AndrewJP

    Otona Fami interview with Jun Kato

    Make it a console game and bring it to the US! :D
  16. AndrewJP

    Help/Support ► Hey Prom Goer's

    From the sound of it, it sounds like she's expecting it and isn't going to say 'no'. I normally keep things simple. I asked my girlfriend to homecoming with a rose and a softball (since her life is softball) with 'HOMECOMING?' written on it and left it on her doorstep. Be creative with it...
  17. AndrewJP

    Birth by Sleep at 623K by 2nd Week

    I hope so too. Congrats to Nomura [=
  18. AndrewJP

    BBS Boxart Contest Winner Is...

    WOW great entries Congrats you guys [=