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  1. AkiraKiyoshi

    Kingdom Hearts: A summary

    So I saw this on tumblr, and I found it amusing. It basically summarizes the plot of all the games released so far in chronological order. I apologize if this has already been posted in a different thread... I did a quick search but couldn't find it soooo...
  2. AkiraKiyoshi

    [SPOILERS] KH3D: Hopes and Fears. Like and Dislike.

    Re: KH3D: Hopes and Fears. Like and Dislike. Likes The new worlds~ Gameplay Involvement of all of the "lost" characters Being able to play as Riku :D LEAAAA IENZOOOO Dislikes By the looks of things there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of NPCs still D: But I can see why I could be...
  3. AkiraKiyoshi

    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    ... Or perhaps Roxas' journal/diary? Not so sure as my memory of days is kinda fuzzy. <A<;; >A>;; J-just putting in my two cents haha. (Pff what am I doing)
  4. AkiraKiyoshi

    Why did KH2 suck to everyone??

    This question has been asked many times, and pretty much most (if not all) answers are the same: - Level of ease - Bad writing - Plot holes - Never ending hallways - Repetitiveness - Useless worlds.. .. And many other things. imho it wasn't all that bad; and frankly i really liked it, but...
  5. AkiraKiyoshi

    Kingdom hearts 2 final mix frustration

    For Larxene, I think I beat her during the second visit to port royal. If I remember correctly, I was really dependent on the dash ability you get from wisdom form and reflect... There was Vexen, he wasn't that much of a problem. Just be a little conscious of where you're stepping ;D The worst...
  6. AkiraKiyoshi

    Favorite Scene?

    My favorite would have to be that part in the final episode where Aqua saved Terra from the realm of darkness ;~; ALL MY TEARS.
  7. AkiraKiyoshi

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    I'm glad you liked it xD Haha. That reaction is priceless <:'D Any suggestions on where I should post it then?
  8. AkiraKiyoshi

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Well I got kinda sidetracked and completely forgot about the beating someone up part while I was drawing. But it was fun.
  9. AkiraKiyoshi

    Xaldin's VA arrested

    Woah. Of all things, over towels? That's just... ._.; But now I've got the image of Xaldin beating the crap out of some random guy screaming "TOWELS" stuck in my mind.
  10. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► So I'm Left with a Decision...

    I suggest to move on. It really all depends on whether or not your feelings for her is more important than your morality. Trying to get her to quit probably won't work, since she acts that way when you scold her and all. If you get into the relationship without getting her to stop or anything...
  11. AkiraKiyoshi

    Kingdom Hearts: The Stupid Files

    OH GOODDDDD.... The memories of laughing so hard D: These things were what got me into watching random parodies of everything I've played ;3; NOSTALGIAAAAAAAAAA //rewatches
  12. AkiraKiyoshi

    Has TVtropes ruined your life yet?

    Hit me while I was in the shower. (If you have no idea what TVtropes is, google it at your own risk) Personally, the site made me a whole lot more sensitive to themes in media xD I have no idea whether or not that's a good thing or a bad thing, but it sure has changed my perspective in...
  13. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► Can someone explain to me?

    Oh... That didn't cross my mind. Lol I'm such an insensitive jerk. D: Well then, uh, I should apologize shouldn't I?
  14. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► Can someone explain to me?

    My mom's okay with my friends complaining about how crappy their lives are, but when ever I start talking about how being an only child isn't spitting rainbows to them (which is what most of them assume since they all have siblings), my mom starts getting angry at me. The first time I brought...
  15. AkiraKiyoshi

    Are you happy to have/ wish you have siblings?

    Just curious. Basically, if you're an only child, do you wish you have siblings, or are you happy being alone? If you do have siblings, are you okay with having siblings, or do you wish you were an only child? If yes/no, why? --- Personally, I wish I had siblings. Maybe I'd be less self...
  16. AkiraKiyoshi


    MQECrcZs6Wc Think of all the possible pranks.
  17. AkiraKiyoshi

    Are you a Google Chrome user? Do you like Katamari Damacy?

    Then go to any site/page, paste javascript:var...
  18. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► I'm starting to get overly sensitive...

    Thank you a million times over. Your post has made things clearer for me.
  19. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► I'm starting to get overly sensitive...

    Ah, I see. Sorry I misunderstood;; Also, it's very encouraging to hear that. :) Thank you. EDIT: @ Nevermore Thank you. I understand now. To be honest, maybe just telling someone (in this case, posting a thread on it) was the best cure for this. After writing about it and posting it I've...
  20. AkiraKiyoshi

    Help/Support ► I'm starting to get overly sensitive...

    I don't judge people based on their opinions, at least I've been doing that for the past 14 years. My main gripe here is that people's opinions are starting to affect my work ethic, my life. I'm not "judging" anyone. Just to make things clear, I get curious as to what a person's religious...