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  1. Zettaflare

    Film ► Super Mario Bros Movie Sequel ideas

    Super Mario sunshine would be pretty fun. That was always one of my favorite Mario games. Always liked the tropical setting.
  2. Zettaflare

    About the Unversed...(Fun discussion)

    Probably just a plot hole. It helps that Disney Town is just a mini game world. It is possible to overcome the cornerstone with a stronger darkness. That's how Maleficent was able to bypass it in DDD thanks to the return of Master Xehanort.
  3. Zettaflare

    About Vivi...(Fun discussion)

    I did find it kind of amusing that Nomura put Vivi in Twilight Town of all places when he looks out of place compared to the people living there. If he and Seifer's gang did appear in KH3 it would have been funny if Sora or another character pointed out the similarities between him and the...
  4. Zettaflare

    Film ► Seth Rogen's TMNT

    Looks good. I like that more and more animated films are experimenting with different animation styles like Puss in Boots: Last Wish.
  5. Zettaflare

    KH Shower Thoughts

    When Sora sees Luke or Vader's Lightsaber is he going to point out the similarities at Xemnas' weapons?
  6. Zettaflare

    About The Toy Box... (Fun discussion)

    The Ardyn look a like was called " Magia". As for why their names got cut my guess is either they were changed or Nomura wanted to save it for when they get a proper introduction. We'll see when they actually physically debut.
  7. Zettaflare

    Spoilers ► Can the Disney Castle characters die?

    I'm sure they can still be killed in the traditional sense(like what happened with the Heartless tornado) but it would probably take more than a boulder or forbidden spell to do that. Donald did appear to survive the times he used Zettaflare in the past.
  8. Zettaflare

    About the outfits... (Fun discussion)

    I'm all for everyone on the cast getting new outfits. Even if the characters who aren't in Quadratum are not that prominent.
  9. Zettaflare

    General Kingdom Hearts Manga Discussion

    Looking forward to Monstropolis myself. Can't wait to read the manga's version of Sully hurling Vanitas through a door.
  10. Zettaflare

    About the prologue (Don't think I spelled that right) for KH1... (Fun discussion)

    On the surface it might not be that important but I always found that sequence memorable. "The closer you get to the light, the greater your shadow becomes" is still one of my favorite lines from the series. At least it does contribute a bit to the plot since it foreshadows the PoH plotline...
  11. Zettaflare

    KH Shower Thoughts

    You see a scene of the keyblade dissolving into the old PoH's hearts after Sora frees Kairi's heart.
  12. Zettaflare

    Expectations for 2023

    New trailers for KH4 and missing link. In regards to the KH4 trailer I think they'll confirm Endor and show some scenes in Quadratum. Such as Riku or Donald and Goofy arriving in the city.
  13. Zettaflare

    About Riku Replica... (Fun discussion)

    If Repliku did end up in Quadratum then it would be nice if Sora or Riku assured him that Namine's heart got his replica vessel and was living her own life. That would make him happy.
  14. Zettaflare

    Before The Hype Train: Theories/Beliefs

    Sora will have lost his memories from his old life and won't get them back until near the end of KH4. If he teams up with Donald and Goofy again they will have to build up their relationship again like in KH1. Same with any other friend he comes across like Riku.
  15. Zettaflare

    TV ► ATLA/Legend of Korra | Avatar Studios launches, headed by Bryan and Michael, to create animated feature film

    Hope the rumor is true as well. To think that we could get modern technology such as ipods and cell phones in the Avatar world. Be nice if the new Avatar was a descendant of Bolin and Opal as well
  16. Zettaflare

    Zack and Sora should meet

    Yes they definitely should meet. A resolution to the Sephiroth conflict that ended in Zack's rescue is something that I always wanted. Or for him to be casually hanging around in Quadratum. Come on Nomura.
  17. Zettaflare

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Oh wow, they did it. They finally ended his story. I'm actually speechless.
  18. Zettaflare

    Would you still be interested in KH if Nomura was no longer involved?

    As long as I continue to enjoy the gameplay and story I don't see why not.
  19. Zettaflare

    How do you think the opening will be like?

    I think it will mostly be a recap before ending as an introduction of what to expect for KH4. First few minutes will probably be the most memorable moments from the first saga and end with Sora in Quadratum getting ready to face the enemies of that game
  20. Zettaflare

    Worlds of Kingdom Hearts | Star Wars is here, bby! Other live action films?

    Well he did turn into a toy in the Toy Box world despite the human presence so maybe he would still become a Muppet. Granted the Toy Box he went to was cut off from real one but it might still be possible.