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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    sora has a dad in BBS , like all fathers they up and leave ahah! so its beeen comfirmed in the reports that its Young MX... so his home is Destiny islands.... pretty weird how no one mentioned it in the first 2 game lol
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    Ain't it just CUTE??

    why the hell is this even in the spoiler section ???
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    (Spoilers) Silver Headed Male

    Re: Silver Headed Male who the hell said Terra could have a vision ? thats just stupid... if he did he would have had a vision of his ass getting possessed am i right ? lol i read somewhere that they show Young Master Xehanort, but hes bald...so it cant be him... and it definitly aint Riku...
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    This game is not for children anymore

    your a young mofo lol i would say 7th grade is when i got my PS2 and KH to go with it .. freshman year is when i got KH2 lol pre-ordered and got it right after school haha! with the strategy guide lol didnt sleep for days haha! those were the days.
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    Found something in the Opening

    did you catch at 1:16 they were standing in the middle of the cross roads ?
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    because MX was getting old .. he wanted a younger body to do whatever he wanted to do ..and since terra had darkness in his heart, it was easier. and now that i've seen the secret ending with translations it all makes sense now ..Ansem the Wise and Aqua are still alive but he said that the last...
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    This game is not for children anymore

    trust its not... most of us who bought KH1 when we were young are kinda getting to 20 now... lil kids who wanna play this game are expecting hannah montana or the jonas brothers to show up lol
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    the blankets purpose was to cover vens upper body cuz it was exposed and you know disney lol AND as for Vanitas..... the question isnt why vanitas looks like sora, its why does SORA grow up to look like Vanitas
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    maybe the winter trailer dialogue was AtW's convo with Aqua ? who knows.... once we here the audio were gonna be like we heard this before somewhere lol
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    MAN fuck nomura !! lol i quit KH ! lol jk seriously !! that shit doesnt connect to another or nothing ! and wtf about vanitas !!! and aqua is surely alive somewhere !!!!
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    Ven + Aqua endings!

    mang wtf lol ... vens sucked ass lol aqua's was dope ! so there were heartless in BBS or maybe she was still alive even after the heartless were created.
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    *SPOILERS* new videos posted !

    YouTube - PrimeTimeAnytime's Channel ok i think im done uploading for the day lol ... but maybe these are enough to keep you entertained for a bit lol check out all the videos i posted up...
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    [Spoiler Warning][Links Fixed][Connections] The Mystery Character is(

    Re: [Spoiler Warning] The Mystery Character is look at what ? lol theres nothing
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    Thank me later :)

    haha chiilax dude.. its all good... good find tho :D
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    Thank me later :)

    me and someother person have one up already
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    Ven wrapped in Cloth scene!!!

    yess it is him YouTube - Master Xehanort and Ven at Destiny Island. i uploaded one too
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    SPOILERS!!!! click to see if you dare lol

    no problem... just tryna provide you with all this lol
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    SPOILERS!!!! click to see if you dare lol

    its like a mix between terra, riku, and xehanort
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    SPOILERS!!!! click to see if you dare lol

    YouTube - Young Xehanort ???? many of us saw this character when that dude was playing terra's story .... we were all in shock and probably jizzed lol young xehanort ?????? i recoreded this the best i can... sorry for the quality
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    Eraqus SPOILER videos.

    wtFAK! well i've seen it so you should to... keep refreshing