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    bbs winter montage

    while i was looking in gametrailers on the front page there is a winter montage of bbs i dont think it features anything new but just thought id share it http://www.gametrailers.com/video/japanese-winter-kingdom-hearts/60385 sorry i had the wrong link i guess i clicked on something different
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    which one

    im trying to figure out if coded comes to america will it only be for cellphones or is it going to itunes store as well? im just asking because i dont have a cell phone and soon getting an ipod touch. sorry if in wrong section and or already made thread
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    new coded gameplay

    i dont know if this is new but the video was posted today YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Coded - Demo Footage
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    Ral Grad

    Ral Ω Grad is a particularly new manga in US but not that new i think it came out last year there are 4 volumes out as of now, it is a really good manga i highly recommend it what its about: ral grad is about a child born with a dragon shadow that betrayed his king for good reasons *the queen...
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    megaman bn remake/ and movie

    Rockman Perfect Memories / ロックマンパーフェクトメモリーズ it has been confirmed a new megaman game called operation shooting star is in the making its just a remake of megaman battle network 1 and a megaman live movie is also being made i particularly dont like the new megaman series shooting star/ bn i like...
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    ds lite weird?

    im not sure if this is the right section but anyways move it if if its not in the right section, well i was calibrating my ds lite, with the tip of scissors not sharp ones but they were thin i did not press hard and the ds screen didnt have a mark*i did it with scissors to calibrate it well...
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    kingdom hearts 358/2 days in ENGLISH

    Idk if people have seen this or if there was a tread on this, but a few weeks ago or days ago, the member that introduced the first days gameplay seems to have kh days in english o.O YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days IN ENGLISH Optimal Panels IMO YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Merchant...
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    Help/Support ► youtube channels

    idk if there was a thread on this but for the people that have youtube channels and dont want to change to the new channels youtube is forcing us to do just click on my youtube link and go to my video and if u support it just follow the directions in the description i am not advertising just...
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    bbs having another story?

    by the title i ment after you beat all 3 characters nomura decides to add another story or chapter to bbs? maybe the bad guys point of view or this time around all 3 characters are by your side?, i don't really care if that happens but it would make the game last longer for those hoping for it...
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    bbs start up menu

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Official Start-Up Screen REAL the person claims to have cut it out of a video of the tokyo game show i am not sure if it is real but i guess it is i think thats the menu they went with for the tokyo game show since its not finished tgs:YouTube - Birth by...
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    BBS will it be the same?(story)

    since you're gonna be able to play as 3 different characters as you please in different files i guess, but what i was wondering is if each characters story will involve doing the same actions? and same basic story fighting same bosses?, or will each character have their own special bosses story...
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    *spoilers* weapons and fights against riku

    so here are the fights against riku that dragondeathwing has been uploading showing the members fight against riku YouTube - DagonDeathwing's Channel <---- thats his channel or she o.o and some limit gamepaly and weapon videos YouTube - TheOrganizationKH's Channel are shown hes only uploaded a...
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    second set of joke weapons

    YouTube - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days --- Second set of joke weapons (Mystery Gear) there seems to be a second set of joke weapons that arent really that weird most of em are pretty cool =D i didnt know if people already knew and btw if you want to see some of the organizations weapons...
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    ven,terra's, and aquas keyblades

    * btw i am not saying this is a theory it was just curious mightve just been a remake of old keyblades but it seemed kind of funny to me or well idk how to word it* (srry if its in wrong forum i thought it was bbs related in some way) : anyways i was looking at terra's keyblade and it always...
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    special order

    im kinda lost im comfused with atlantica cus first time i went there it started out asking me about a musical( no heartless ever appeared) and then i had to get a statue for her and when i got it i started singing and then it stopped at that well now i finished halloween town and twilight town...
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    kh days walkthrough

    if you go to KH13.com they have a walkthrough of the series credit to kh13 and also alot of videos are on youtube just check my yourtube at the bottom of my sig and my playlist has kh days videos new ones these are spoilers so watch at your own risk
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    soul eater and roxas keyblade?

    I was kind of confused by soul eater and another thing but ill explain that after this soul eater: i was wondering if soul eater was a keyblade because it doesnt look like one looks more like a regular sword because it doesnt have the part sticking out at the top or has anything surrounding the...
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    i drew kingdom key

    i drew this and then darkned it in photobucket and tried to color it on photobucket btw its gonna go in that order 1. 2. 3. i kind of made it up out of my mind ik the dark keyblade is a little short -_- lol i was looking at the paper not at the size
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    358/2 site!!!!

    i think that the unlocked button in the main pg might be unlockables and or multiplayer?
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    358/2 site?

    I didnt know if this was posted but in the 358/2 days site there are some buttons in systems section that are unmarked and have new things like the one below the marked one there is a new video showing panel system and a bit of gameplay and then there is another one besides the limit break...