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    Is it possible...

    thank you TsuraMutsugi! for your asistance to strengthen Organization XIII, you'll shall be rewarded one wish from Xenmas himself!
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    Is it possible...

    i remember seeing one kid with one... on some website. if i remeber i'd post it but i don't, i'm going to find that kid, kill him, then take his robe, then reproduce them for sale.
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    Is it possible...

    of course i'll wear it but not everyday, i have to represent the Organization XIII on earth! The robes uniform's have black gloves black boots black trench coat with hood zipper two crystal thingies
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    Is it possible...

    The Organization XIII robes... they are so cool... is there way to buy thoes robes... i want one.
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    fighting the demon...

    Just to be safe... what would be a safe level to fight sephiroth?
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    Custom Order..!

    If we could create our own order, what would your name be and what would your weapon be? (please use real names, rearange them, then put X somewhere) I'd be Xesan, the Emperor of Twilight! my weapon will be a... two small ninja swords (not Larxene's weapon)
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    Timeless River

    i heard since it'l be old you'll hear a projector sound like an old cartoon, and like when you see mickey and sora shake hands, it will make a sound like a cow bell... hahaha... funny!
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    Timeless River

    is the world going to be big?
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    just a thought... it's cool to think of possibilites
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    Timeless River

    My threads, my words! so back off! Unless if you want war, i suggest you don't take war!
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    Timeless River

    Who's looking forward to Timeless River?
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    It doesn't matter, it could have an "X" in it. If it were his human name.
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    Prequal or Sequal

    Do you think KHIII would be better as a Prequal or Sequal? If it were a prequal... that be cool! A sequal i think would just be more confusing...
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    this maybe obvious, but Axel's name is Alex.
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    How good was the story...

    If they do make it into a series, it would be good!!!
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    The first night...

    The day the game arrives, i won't be able to sleep that night. I'll play all night until the next day. Screw homework and school, KHII is much more important. I'm not going to school until i beat it! Who cares if my grades go down, i dont care! KHII is more important!!! How are you going to...
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    What Games Will Be Keeping You Busy Until KH2 Comes Out?

    KOTOR, Star Wars Empire at War, KHI, KHCoM, and HoI II i'll be listening to the soundtrack everyday to make myself never forget. Cmon guys! we can hold out for 13 days longer and then... the national holiday has come..!
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    sounds stupid... i liked fighting her the way as last time.
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    Heartless or Nobodies..?

    Nobodies fight with minds, Heartless are always shoot first, ask questions later. not very smart at all...
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    Heartless or Nobodies..?

    Looks like you lost... Xenmas.01