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    I can play chain of memories on my computer.... Awesome
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    Offical RHG thread

    THAT IS KAIRI!!! Duh have you seen the new KH2 trailer???? Yea... uhm... it's in there all right. You can see her and Selphie. She's looking out to see about Sora. Or that's how it looks like.
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    Images of KH2 footage

    Here are some images of what the footage would look like in the new Kingdomhearts 2. http://media.ps2.ign.com/media/550/550308/imgs_1.html That's the website If it doesn't work then, copy and paste it.
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    The 10 Confirmed Worlds Of KH2 (u may disagree..but i have proof baby!!!)

    I Want to get Kingdomhearts now!!!!! Why should It come out so late?? (because to make for everyone.) JApan??? I think they probably get the special version
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    Theory behind Sora's new 'dark' clothes

    Yea but (ON THE TOPIC) doesn't Sora have to wear like a lighter clothing because he's closer to the light, which means he should be like glowee person ya?
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    Question about Movie Clips

    Hey Can someone give me a link to the clips of KH2? or any KH clip??? I really want to see them. I need a mirror. When I don't see it, it seems boring....that I don't know what's going on anymore.
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    Offical RHG thread

    Your proof is good. That's what I thought in the first place. Kairi doesn't want to be dumb so she's got to goto school.
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    Kh2 releasement date

    Kingdom hearts 2 releasement date should be on December 2, 2005. It was posted in Electronics boutiques and there are facts around gamestores if yall want to know more.
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    new abilities

    Haven't really thought o fit.
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    Something wrong with my game

    WOW. So many people. So little time. I'm going to buy a software about that. Also an animation software from Fry's Electronics.
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    Something wrong with my game

    There seems to be some problems on my disc. Like every time I want to start a new game IT only stops at the movie where he falls down the water thingy and xooms in on his freaken face. IT then freezes. What's the matter with that. I can only play continue and everything is fine! I have tried...
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    KH2 on 2 discs

    So KH2 is going to be on two discs??? If that's so maybe that's why we have so many questions. One that leads after or similar to COM and more of the story. How they became those new stuff. What heartless will they meet???? hmmmmmmmm.
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    The Unknowns

    Hey ARe the unknowns going to be in KH2? I haven't beaten COM yet.
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    Which Worlds??? Help

    Ok I figured it out now. Thanks. Also does that mean whatever order I go in, there will still be the same movie and secret ending?
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    Which Worlds??? Help

    Which worlds do I go to?? I mean for example: HOw should I do my orders? Traverse Twon First then the rest??
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    Card Stuff

    never mine. I get it now... I have borrowed a strategy guide from a friend. IT is simple now.
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    What Kairi turns out to be...

    I beleive so. IT is weird though. I mean it's so Destiny's Island is across from where she lives right? Look at Lisafer's pic.... I think she's looking at Destiny's Island and she's on the safe side. But what if hearltess appear there?
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    Card Stuff

    I can't tell which cards are good and bad. Attack magic etc.... I also don't get about on opening doors which cards to use. Ex: 4x1 etc...
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    What Kairi turns out to be...

    Kairi was now a school girl right? On the other posts that somebody mad he had pictures of her and a school in Twilight Town. Her hair and clothing. But how did she get there??? She was on Destiny's Island... OOOOOOOOOOOOO I get it.... IT's connected with Twilight Town...... A beutiful hot girl...
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    A KH battle royale

    BHK & Kairi. I know it sounds stupid but what if. I think BHK would win.