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    ****Custom Keyblades****

    DAH! Kairi hold t3h ownage man.:)
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    Blind Folded Riku vs Roxas

    Oh... i got "sakjdkjioajjfdfhuefjhfdhsdf Aww KeyBlade Is Teh Ownage dahsdjhjds" My sources are ripping me off :mad:
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    Sora vs. King Mickey

    Oh dude Mickey would totaly own him, like clean the floor with him type ownage.
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    da organization

    Meh, the main thing is when i get the game... hell is coming to their neighbourhood. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!
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    question on KH2 **no spoilers**

    Dude you liked them? Those things were like F***n annoying,this comes around everyones mind "oh i see one trinity now OH CRAP I LEFT GOOFY or DONALD back at the menu thingy!, i guess ill have to come back, but when i fight the boss of this level ill probably forget all together and not come...
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    whddya thinks gonna end up happinin to roxas

    thats really a tough one since the predictions and evidence of the games information really hasnt been plentiful... And i really dont want to get into the major spoiler bits... ill try to answer in a more understandable which you kinda failed at... Roxas, in my prediction will whoop butt, and...