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    Was This Worth It?

    I recently traded in my PSP and all of my games for it for a Wii. The games I had are, Burnout Legends Lumines Tony Hawk's Underground DBZ Shin Budokai Tekken: DR Darkstalkers Syphon Filter Fight Night Round 3 TokobotI got well over $300 for it all. So my question is do you think it was worth it?
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    Is this a good cheap graphics card?

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814133149 I just wanted to know if this is a good cheap graphics card. I'm banned from the Gamespot forums so I decided to ask here.:cool:
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    Kh2 Sucks

    I can't beleive I'm saying this but you're kinda right. I mean the story is pretty bad and the combat is still mega button mashy.
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    Help To Get Over My Fear

    Okay there's this girl that I REALLY like, and I know she likes me back but it just seems like I'm to big of a coward to call her and ask her out. I keep dialing her number but I can never seem to push that talk button to call her. Help me please!
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    final battle idea *maybe spoilers*

    I like the idea. P.S. Mickey that jelly bean thing in your sig sounds so rcist lol.
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    Lv 99 sucks

    yeah what squall groupie said
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    yeah what zehanort said yay 1000th post!
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    Attention All Heroes!

    The Omega Team Defeated? It has been reported just yesterday afternnon that the famed heroes of our fare city of Paragon the Omega Team, who members include Speedburst, Mecha Man, Ozmondo the Strong, The Beatiful Windgust, and of course Omega Man have finally been defeated and kidnapped by the...
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    Ultima Weapon??!!

    ummm maybe because they're two of the strongest weapons in the game
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    Anti-Form----Help me stop the MADNESS!

    The only way would be to obtain final form.
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    MP Limit?

    Does your MP have a limit? Pretty muych everytime I level now(i'm level 92) it says my magic increased yet it still stays at 140.
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    ienzos weapon

    was it really necesary to call him that just for asking a question?
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    Help w/ leveling Valor Form

    oops wrong topic srry
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    any one here beat Sephiroth yet?

    I finally beat him. After many tries, broken controllers, and anger managemant therapy I finally beat him.
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    I would save Atlantica for a while. Because right after the part your in your gonna need magnera anyway. But if you just wanna get that part out of the way I'm pretty sure you get it in Port Royal. (don't qoute me on that I'm not exactly sure)
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    final form question

    I got mine during Xigbar but then I died :(
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    Is this true?

    No that's not true.
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    Shadow Sora

    Yeah what Dark Sora said. I don't know why oyu think it's annoying I think it's pretty cool.
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    Xigbar, WTH. Plz Help

    Wow that it is really easy to dodge. Basicly all I did was run around in a circle. My friend said he used reflect over and over very quickly.
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    How Long

    How long did it take you to beat kh2? I beat it in 25 hours 54 minutes.