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  1. Mirashade

    A couple strange scenes where Lesser Nobodies speak?

    In KH2, upon Roxas' first meeting of Dusks he hears the words, "We've come for you, my liege." It seems a bit like a hint to us that he is one of the Nobodies. But in addition now, in KH3 Sora hears, "Do you seek our liege?" as he arrives in Twilight Town trying to recover Roxas, right before...
  2. Mirashade

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    Oh! You're right, the checkered pattern is only on his back! A very strange choice.
  3. Mirashade

    SPOILERS : Ven's clothes

    With 0.2 being the game to explain a reason for why Mickey's clothing circa KH1 was only a pair of pants and yellow shoes, I lean towards the assumption that Nomura will have a reason for Ven's clothing being off from usual as well. Hard to believe they could accidentally misinterpret Ven's...
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  6. Mirashade


    Just stepping in to say that I was surprised when I found out many people saw that scene between Riku and Namine as showing a romance. I was pretty firmly watching the scene as Riku paying respects to Repliku by watching out for Namine for him. It was a scene similar to a knight escorting a...
  7. Mirashade

    "Don't you know? My name is..."

    Eh, sorry to comment on an old thread? Idk if its reasonable to do in this situation, but it came up when I was googling on Xehanort's pronouns and idk if there's any more recent discussion. I saw the recent KH3 trailer regarding Terranort not even knowing Lingering Will and got hopped back up...
  8. Mirashade

    Least Favorite Song in the Series?

    Traverse in Trance. Not very happy with that remix. The original Traverse Town was my lifeblood.
  9. Mirashade

    Let's talk about positives of Days

    I'll agree on some points: Xion's theme is absolutely beautiful, the box art is nice, and the humor could be cute and enjoyable on occasion. I also liked that you could play as other organization members. Not that I ever did for very long, but I won't pretend I wasn't tickled just to get the chance.
  10. Mirashade

    Favorite Playable Characters?

    Roxas in KH2. Without a doubt. Especially when he dual wields, I always used to keep a save file right before the Axel battle and occasionally load it just for that... I also spent hours mastering the Grandstander minigame. By the time we finally got Final Mix, Mushroom VIII was no sweat.
  11. Mirashade

    Who's gonna wait till 1/24 after KH 2.8 comes out in japan?

    I think, maybe, I'll hold off for the most part... But possibly take a peek at a spoiler or two on my birthday as a little bit of a present to myself. I can feel that it will be a very conflicting time.
  12. Mirashade

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue English TGS Trailer & Release Date!

    It could be the seven princesses of heart, or Ira could be suggesting that the 5 foretellers, Luxu, and the Master of Masters work together. Or, yes, it could be talking about the seven lights that will fight 13 darknesses.
  13. Mirashade

    SPOILERS A special conversation before KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 BBS revealed at First Breath concert!

    I'm going based on the statement that the scene was "a little while before KH0.2" when I say that it doesn't make logical sense at this time. Yeah, I guess it could mean that it was a little while before Mickey started telling the story of 0.2. I don't like that explanation because it slyly...
  14. Mirashade

    SPOILERS A special conversation before KINGDOM HEARTS 0.2 BBS revealed at First Breath concert!

    Pretty much that. All I can logically see it being at this point in time is a cute "what if" scene to entertain the concert-goers or else timey-wimey heart connection and/or Realm of Darkness shenanigans.
  15. Mirashade

    The missed opportunity

    At some point I feel like that point of time will have to have its final mysteries fully covered in a game, maybe KH3, hopefully finally in cutscenes. What happened at Radiant Garden was the start of the biggest main conflict we knew about in the Kingdom Hearts series for a long time. It was a...
  16. Mirashade

    Question about Sora and Captain Jack

    They're both adventurous, and goofy, and Jack Sparrow is actually a pretty good guy at heart. They were also both "trapped" on islands for a while, though I don't think Sora used any sea turtles to build his raft.
  17. Mirashade

    Favorite Boss Battle Per Kingdom Hearts Game.

    For Kingdom Hearts 1: I suppose Ansem, second stage, the one where he yells "Submit!" all the time. It was challenging and the battle quotes were memorable. ReCoM: Ironically, I don't remember the game well enough. Maybe Axel. Or Vexen, entirely because his death was so messed up. KH2: Xigbar...
  18. Mirashade

    Something sorta obvious and really dark I noticed from the demo footage...

    That is a very likely realization, and I didn't think of that either! I had assumed she was correct when considering that we know Fairy Godmother made it out to Traverse Town, but there were many other people that could've been unable to escape the world and turned into heartless. Aqua would...
  19. Mirashade

    358/2 days title meaning

    The way I figured, after mulling it over when it was new, was that it was supposed to be "Three Hundred Fifty Eight 'Half' Days" like what VoidGear said. It would've made sense if you consider that you play through 358 days(the year Sora was asleep, minus the week Roxas spends in virtual TT) as...