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  1. Silver_Soul

    Donald sings Simple and Clean/Hikari

    https://youtu.be/120HFjKPuJ4 I'm sorry.
  2. Silver_Soul

    KH3 Kairi outfit revealed through KHUX datamine

    And she's also rocking some plaid https://mobile.twitter.com/Roboloid/status/999129425890422784
  3. Silver_Soul

    Are you preordering KH3?

    So the time is coming close to play KH3, so I wanted to ask if any of you guys have preordered the game yet! I'm still on the fence because I for sure want whatever the coolest and most exclusive edition is released. I have an account with the square enix site, but I also heard from a...
  4. Silver_Soul

    KH3 Release Month/Date Prediction

    Based on this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/KingdomHearts/comments/7ofyx4/kh3_the_price_of_the_julia_dolls_is_2018_which_is/ Julia dolls at a 20.18 price are posted on a flyer for Galaxy Toys. How plausible would it be that this is a hint for a July 2018 release. Even better with a...
  5. Silver_Soul

    D23 date and time: July 15th expo Arena at 1pm

    https://d23.com/kingdom-hearts-iii-gravity-falls-and-more-coming-to-d23-expo/?share_token=4aba00abf9 Now the question is, do these events get streamed?
  6. Silver_Soul

    TWEWY squad in San Fransokyo?

    Based on DDD, we can hope to see the TWEWY cast once again in shibuya. I was thinking that a good way to implement this would be that San Fransokyio has a "shibuya" district. To me it just makes sense without having to give them a whole world. Thoughts?
  7. Silver_Soul

    Dissidia KH

    i found this while lurking the webs http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-CvRKpmkRQ&feature=player_embedded do you think it could work?
  8. Silver_Soul


    Oh no not this again................................. jk its my birthday
  9. Silver_Soul

    Best way to handle level ups

    i just started a new file of REcom and i dont know the way to go when i first passed it i always balanced out hp and cp and got sleights when available but i always needed more cp whats the best way to go?
  10. Silver_Soul

    BBS official site update

    dont know if this is new or not http://na.square-enix.com/khbbs/ yes the site is gorgeous
  11. Silver_Soul

    1000 posts

    ive finally made 1000 post s1eyeballss1eyeballss1eyeballss1eyeballss1eyeballss1eyeballs
  12. Silver_Soul

    Ninja name

  13. Silver_Soul

    prababilities of BBS psp bundle for the US and other countries ?

    do you think square, or sony will decide to sell it in other places outside japan? it got sold out on play-asia so i hope it does :D
  14. Silver_Soul

    When BBS comes out...

    BBS is coming out early this January so many people will be curious about the game so to all the cool people that are importing or live in japan, I hope you guys give us info about the game like is it too easy? is it fun? is the story good? how long is it? who was your favorite playable...
  15. Silver_Soul

    news on TGS and jump festa

    Recent News it gives info about the new trailer being showed at TGS and the date for Jump Festa 2010 credit goes to heartstation.org
  16. Silver_Soul

    Help/Support ► should i take the job

    so my neighbor has autism and his mom comes over some time so i can help him with his homework while being payed im really patient and i would like the money should i take the job it wouldnt be everyday just once in a while that he doesnt understand
  17. Silver_Soul

    Today is my birthday!

    Hey everyone today i turned 15
  18. Silver_Soul


    i know this has been probably asked a million times but at the beginning questions whats the best way to answer them if im playing expert mode
  19. Silver_Soul


    hey im new how are you guys doing?!