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  1. FortuneCookie

    OMG this place is still alive? 11.5 years later

    I just reminded myself about this forum when I was reviewing my tickets for the Kingdom Hearts World Tour in Hollywood. It's so cool to see that this place is still active! I used to spend several hours after junior high reading about the latest news on KH2. A decade later and I'm still waiting...
  2. FortuneCookie

    コスプレ! ~cosplay~

    can't believe there ins't a cosplay thread around here :o edit: the hour I post this the first cosplay thread revives, nooo way I didn't see it :o oh well This will be the "Post your cosplays pics" / "Cosplays that you think are think are awesome" / ideas who you would want to cosplay...
  3. FortuneCookie

    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    But we're still shoved around, trampled over, and can't reach that one object in the pantry :(
  4. FortuneCookie

    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    FUUUURAAAA-CHANNNNN! Hahah, I remember that. <3 Sayounara Zetsubou Sensei And good luck getting taller! Don't worry you still have many years to grow :)
  5. FortuneCookie

    Help/Support ► How can I get taller?

    Stretch every morning. Even if you're not flexible now, the more you stretch everyday, you will start to realize you can reach farther bit by bit. Before my sister took yoga, she couldn't reach her toes. Now she can put both palms flat on the floor and yeah, drink your milk. Fat free or 2%...
  6. FortuneCookie

    Asian Dorama!

    My friends introduced me to "Kim Sam Soon" (kdrama) and "Gokusen" ( jdrama) and I got so into them. I started watching them as much as watched anime XD List of shows I've seen: the above 2 Kimi wa Petto Hana Yori Dango Nobuta wo Produce Devil Beside You Tokyo friends Great Teacher Onizuka Full...
  7. FortuneCookie

    KH2 Cutscenes archive

    Does anyone have an alternate link to Sora's First Visit to Twlilight Town and Hollow Bastion #5? They're not on filefront anymore, same with the ones on kh-vids.net
  8. FortuneCookie

    Possibly the best yet simplest action in the game (gba version)

    Dodge roll is great and it really did help me in KH1 and CoM. I wish they still had it in KH2
  9. FortuneCookie

    What was the worst thing that happen to you in KH2

    I got owned by Sephiroth within 5 seconds the first time I tried battling him.
  10. FortuneCookie

    Is Traverse Town crap music?

    I hated Monstro. The confusion of the rooms and ugly ghost heartless along with the music is horrible. I though Traverse Town was okay.
  11. FortuneCookie

    Your rating to Kingdom Hearts II

    I give it 9/10 The story line is awesome but the battle system could be a bit better.
  12. FortuneCookie

    Ouran High School Host Club

    I didn't see any threads for it so I made this one =D The anime is hilarious XD Basically, a poor girl named Haruhi breaks an 80,000 vase and she has no way to repay it except join this club that's only meant for guys. I'll probably say more later and I'm still waiting for a couple of episodes...
  13. FortuneCookie

    how to use enemy cards

    Not until you hit select and choose it. Just because it's in your deck doesn't mean it's active when you're in battle. I didn't realize this either until I finished both stories of the game, hahaha :o
  14. FortuneCookie

    how did you get KH2?

    I bought it the second day it came out. The guys working at the place were teasing me and said "Oh no! We're sold out again!" and I had this freaky look in my eye 0.o I was really relieved that it was just a joke and I left the store right away to play it
  15. FortuneCookie

    i really needa gummi guide

    Just keep attacking, you'll get a higher score and more items.
  16. FortuneCookie

    Kh2 reality show.

    ROFL, I love these http://www.analogpaladins.com/Images/Comics/AR/index.html?comic=3 http://www.analogpaladins.com/Images/Comics/AR/index.html?comic=6 http://www.analogpaladins.com/Images/Comics/AR/index.html?comic=12 http://www.analogpaladins.com/Images/Comics/AR/index.html?comic=15 Too much...
  17. FortuneCookie

    Which twilight town music do you like more?

    o.o I didn't notice there was a change. I like the CoM version though and I think that's Roxas'
  18. FortuneCookie

    where did you hear about kh2

    I found out from my friend and she introduced this site to me. Now I know more about Kingdom Hearts than her. It's a little weird, I thought she was more obsessed, hahaha
  19. FortuneCookie

    Sora is oriental

    That's because back in WW2, Americans used it as an offensive term to Japanese-Americans who were put in internment camps and acted as if they weren't loyal to the U.S. I was just learning about so much of this in History recently, hahaha IMO, Sora looks like the average American person in...
  20. FortuneCookie

    Official Ultima Weapon Guide

    I get Orichalcums almost everytime I encounter a Bulky Vendor, but I guess not all games are the same. You can equip one of your members with the Lucky Lucky ring, use the Keyblade from Winnie the Pooh, and try to have all your party members with the special abilities for more items. I...