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    Scribblenauts Avatars

    :D On this other forum I used to go on, some people made avatars of people/characters in scribblenauts forum.. and called them Scribbletars. They're really cool to look at, and presumably to make if people are able. This is one I just found by googling 'KH Scribbletar' I think it's cute and...
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    KH Related Dreams

    I decided to make this topic today because I woke up this morning after a really weird dream about Vexen of all people/things. This is probably the first KH dream I've ever had, unless I've had some when I was younger that I can't remember, but it was the strangest thing, first of all it was a...
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    Video Game Music

    :) I like listening to a lot of music from video games, I find a lot of it to be really good, pretty powerful stuff some of it, and it adds to the entertainment of the game. Some of my favourite video game music is: Kingdom Hearts: A Desire for all that is lost, Vim and vigor, Guardano Nel...
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    santuary dancers?

    Wasn't the song done before the game anyway?
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    Kingdom Hearts Music

    Howdy, I've been listening to KH music almost nonstop recently, particularly music from KH2 and the Final Mixes, but there are some tracks which I have no idea from which parts of the game they originate, and was wondering if anyone could help me out? I will post the tracks down which confuse...
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    I'm a total n00b

    :D yeah I went to a manga shop yesterday and I was looking around absolutely clueless, just in the hope that I'd maybe find some Kingdom Hearts manga. I didn't, of course, and instead I bought a legend of zelda one. Apart from Kingdom Hearts volume 1, and a couple of ones I've borrowed from the...
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    'Is Xion still doing the Rip Van Winkle thing?' Hahahah
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    65/100 review for KH!! what?!

    I reckon the graphics are worse than the gameplay D: especially when the characters talk, they do that terribly out of sync fish like movement with their mouths. That really irritates me and I don't even know why! The gameplays so immense, especially when you progress because the fighting...
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    So the post came today...

    Which is shocking because it seems to be a rarity these days what with the workers going on strike and everything =\ but much to my happiness and absolute ZOMGFANGIRLNESS, the thing I've been waiting for for ages arrived! Yep I got a Sora teddy through the post from my friend, and obviously I...
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    santcuary and its backwards lyrics.

    I like it, interesting hearing the backwards bits.. reversed.. if that makes sense hehe
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    Another famous voice?!?!?!?!

    I like that idea hehe, Joe Jonas <333 I'm still getting over the fact that an ex Nsync dude voices Sephiroth though..
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    It'd be ace if they did something for the 10th anniversary. It'd suck if it was on some obscure console. I hate how they keep releasing games on all these different consoles because I only have the basic ps2 and DS and can't for the life of me afford anymore, so I just hope it'll be on some...
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    Help Please :)

    I'm just a bit confused about some parts of KH2: - Is Xemnas actually a bad person? -What is the deal with all the Ansems, my understanding of it is that Ansem the Wise had his little associate, Xeanhort or however its spelled, and then he got turned into a heartless, Ansem, and a nobody...
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    Help/Support ► SAT 2009

    I have not a clue what SATs are.. but I'm from England, and she only sats i've done were in year 9, and to be honest, no one cared. I'm so glad all my exams are over. I've got good GCSEs, pretty good A levels.. I'm all set :D Good luck in SATs (??) everyone :D
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    Hehe, when Axel tells Roxas that they're pairing up to find Xion in Twilight Town, and then Roxas goes 'really?' and Axel goes 'No not really, go back to bed' Hahaha! Also when Xigbar calls Roxas 'tiger' hehe he's a funny guy that Xigbar
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    Arty Doodles

    I get bored sometimes and decide to start drawing.. I've been doing a lot recently, I'm quite proud of them seeing as I'm not THAT good a drawer. That one's my Marluxia drawing, it's one of my favourites. I like the little one where he's angered by remembering something Xigbar did when he...
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    Favourite Moment in KH2?

    It's got to be the first Xigbar meet, he just proper makes me laugh 'Now do you really think thats fair, shutting me down like that?' Haha. But then.. I've forgotten most of the scenes and I'm playing through the game again to watch them so there are probably better scenes haha! I do like the...
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    Organization XIII's real names, and Nobody names

    I like the whole Axel being Reno theory... be cool if he was :)
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    Hi hi

    Just thought I'd introduce myself... I'm Hayley.. *glomp* ;D hehe