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  1. Raz

    Sora on that 9 to 5 grind

    He does have kitchen experience working with Remy!
  2. Raz

    About the Unversed...(Fun discussion)

    Probably a plot hole. Or Vanitas is just stronger than Maleficent / the Heartless and the Cornerstone doesn't mean shit to him.
  3. Raz

    Will he say his name? (Fun discussion)

    I want to hear that dulcet lisp attempt to tackle the name "Xigbar" so badly...
  4. Raz

    What do you wish to see in the Lost Master(s) Arc?

    An active role for Maleficent where her interventions into the main plot have serious consequences--even if it is her inadvertently playing the fool again for the "real" villain's plans.
  5. Raz

    What do we call Norting now?

    FINE, cut the geezer, but I like "heart tanking."
  6. Raz

    What do we call Norting now?

    I propose "Becoming That Geezer's Heart Tank."
  7. Raz

    Kingdom Hearts & acknowledging LGBTQ+ content from Disney source material

    That's just diva worship, babes. The gayest behavior of all.
  8. Raz

    Why did it have to be only keyblade wielders to fill the slots for the Guardians of light? (Fun discussion)

    I just hope that when the Keyblade War comes they don't confine it to the dreary old Keyblade Graveyard. I'm sick of that place. Give me a Lord of the Rings-esque epic with multiple battlefronts -- with a villain and a hero leading each faction. Throw in the Death Star in a battle in a Galaxy...
  9. Raz

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    Maybe I did it wrong or something because I just played through the series again with my roommates and we made a drinking game out of three rounds of Minnie and her extra-judicial punishment of Captain Justice/Dark.
  10. Raz

    What is your WORST KH moment?

    The fact that Birth by Sleep makes us watch Minnie banish Pete three times.
  11. Raz

    Regarding the Voice Actor Switch for Kairi...

    Hayden is a fantastic actress and gives Kairi some added "oomph" and characterization that the writing does not accomplish on its own. Stoner is one note by comparison. Which is not to slight Alyson. I love her performance of Xion. But there's more to chew on with that character.
  12. Raz

    Film ► The Little Mermaid Live Action Remake

    Her voice possesses a crystal clear innocence befitting Ariel. She's young, wide-eyed, and gorgeous. The hate against Halle is really just thinly disguised racism. The colors in the film, from what we've seen, are a bit of a mess. So dull. But that's the remakes for you!
  13. Raz

    Which Guardian of Light has the best looking Stained Glass in your opinion?

    I quite like the color scheme of Xion's heart station.
  14. Raz

    Foreteller Boss Fights

    I second the idea that they should not be shoe-horned into the finale, but should appear as bosses throughout the game. Fighting Demyx and Xaldin in KHII gave the story some much needed momentum. I also hope that they each have a monstrous second form based on their animals. Kind of like the...
  15. Raz

    Super Groupies launches new Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary collection!

    The Ventus one is very chic! I like that Ventus and Roxas may look the same but it is so easy to tell their style apart.
  16. Raz

    The character that you hope to explore more of their story in the new Saga?

    I'm mostly interested in the Marluxia/Larxene combo, I want to know more about their friendship and I think Larxene, with a heart, will be a fun mean character to have around. Too many of the women characters in this series are just "kind" and don't have much going for them beyond that.
  17. Raz

    Why do people ship Roxas with Xion

    Because if you can't love yourself how in the hell are you going to love somebody else? Can I get an amen? Let the music play!
  18. Raz

    Once Upon a Time and Kingdom Hearts

    I think they'll go the live action film route. Also, "Once Upon a Time" is kind of a mess.
  19. Raz

    KH4 probable worlds

    Plus I think it would make for some neat character and story moments for Sora to have to work through the idea that this reality's Maleficent isn't a villain.
  20. Raz

    KH4 probable worlds

    I'm hoping for Jolieficent.