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  1. Nami

    alright i'm not new but yknow

    i havent been here in like 3-5 years, i thought i might check up on this ol' place and i was SURPRISED TO FIND that my account is still here. hey hi hello ay. OH GOD I'M SO OUT OF THE LOOP NOW... HELP ME HIP YOUNG PEOPLE WHAT'S THE NIFTY KEEN 411 IN THIS BIZNATCH?
  2. Nami

    Anime North

    Canada's premier fan-run blah blah blah. An anime convention held in Toronto every year. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E5aBD6njWmc&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YmOUqDtYEho&feature=related Who from the fellow Canadian forumites here will be attending Anime North this year? As...
  3. Nami


    [CONTAINS BLOOD/GORE. READER'S DISCRETION ADVISED] I couldn't exactly pinpoint what it was that was the most enjoyable for me at that point. The satisfying feeling of the bones cracking and crumbling beneath my fingertips, or the thrill I got from how exceedingly rebellious I was being. This...
  4. Nami

    Craptacular Works of Nami

    I figure I might's well post some of my own art. A masochistic move on my part. Soup's on, boys and girls. Introducing. My main OC, Beatrice... ... and her brother, Raphael. Yeah, I know. Her scythe is impossibly long and not technically use-able. Whaaatever. This is Umbris & R.O.G.E. My...
  5. Nami

    Anime North

    I know you're out there. Any other Canadian otaku goin' to the con this year? Or perhaps you just wanna but you can't? Discuss tha southern Canadian Con here~
  6. Nami

    Help/Support ► my stepfamily's cat died

    I'm sorry for their loss, but what exactly is your point in posting this here? I'm not sure I really get that part.
  7. Nami

    Nami's super special awesome anniversary!

    Two years ago to this date, something awesome happened. I joined this site! Woooooooooooooooh~ Everyone partah! :D
  8. Nami

    "All Nighters" - Staying up all night

    Have you ever had one? If so, how many? What did you do? How did you do it?
  9. Nami

    Help/Support ► To ask or not to ask?

    You're not 21, Oni, kthx. Anyway, if you are arguing with so many people that choose number two and seem to really be convinced, go with number one. You seem to have made up your mind already, man. Just do it. If she doesn't like it, your goal is accomplished, anyway.
  10. Nami

    Help/Support ► Kind of Scared...

    What's wrong with Hot Topic? D: Anyway, this whole situation made me sort of giggle. His "threat" online was just reallly funny to me. And if I were in your shoes, I wouldn't be offended or scared by what he may say to me. I'd laugh at him and show he doesn't get to me. It's a well known fact...
  11. Nami

    Vocaloid: The Perfect Beings [RP]

    So hot outside. So very, very sweltering. A single little bead of sweat fell from Miku's forhead and traced her jaw, then dripped off down her collarbone. It felt like the heat was caressing her. She was uncomfortable with it, and yet it was so comfortable. Stretched out on the front of her...
  12. Nami


    It's her birthday. And you damn well know you love her! Even if you haven't met her you know you do. So bid her a happy day of happiest days on her super special awesome happy day! n_n Love you, Muffy. C:
  13. Nami

    Vocaloid: The Perfect Beings [SU & OOC]

    Reposted by both desire and requested. Previously known as 'Melodies of War'. Music is an important part of our world. It is a way to express ourselves, free ourselves and enjoy ourselves. But it is much more than that. In our world, music is the very core of our lives. We, a small group that...
  14. Nami

    Pokémon: SeaBlue && SunYellow [RP]

    The Story Starts Here. ---------------------------- Begin in your respective hometowns (or routes), from there go wherever you wish. Your journey begins here. The land of Pokemon. ----------------------------
  15. Nami

    Pokémon: SeaBlue && SunYellow [SU & OOC]

    A Classic Beginning. Johto is a peaceful region with many different cities. People live happily in the region alongside their monster companions, Pokémon. Pokémon are creatures that use many different elements and moves to fight, defend and play. They come in all shapes and sizes. An...
  16. Nami

    Pokemon Gijinka

    I was playing Heart Gold this morning when I had this urge to draw my Pokemon all humany. Then I thought- maybe it'd be cool if the Pokemon could maybe form from their original states to a humanoid states. They're still caught and trained and have trainers, the only difference is they can shift...
  17. Nami

    Silent Hill RP?

    I don't know... sounded good at the time. Hm?
  18. Nami

    Fire Emblem: A Dorment War [SU & OOC]

    REPOSTED. ◊ • • ◊ • • ◊ Many a century ago, five brave knights from five different countries came together, united, for a common purpose. They all wanted to stop the war that has been raging between their countries, Ditaen, Arabire, Chrien, Artilg and Ricaan, for years upon years. They...
  19. Nami

    Rate What the Person Above You is Playing

    You know the drill.
  20. Nami


    A cross-over of mostly all anime, anime-inspired video games and any other anime-inspired media. A plot that brings together the universes, or something like that. Think Kingdom Hearts, but instead of Disney, it's anime/ect. How 'bouts? Sound any good? Would you consider it? I figured this...