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    3D and the X-Blade

    Knowing how much Nomura loves making Kairi sit around in a cage my bet is that will happen...
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    3D and the X-Blade

    If absolute purity is the case, I wonder what would happen if Kairi fought Xehanort? Potential reason for a hostage situation in KH3?
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    3D and the X-Blade

    So Sora is often considered to be almost pure light. Riku has accepted the darkness as his weapon. If the fight at the end of 3D, do we think they could unintentionally form the X-Blade?
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    *spoilers?* Birth by Sleep Intro (Proposed) English Version

    Um you do know simple and clean is the theme song for KH1, right? Well Utada Hikaru sang "Hikari" for the japanese release, and "Simple and Clean" for the english one. Utada refuses to sing for square nowadays, so theyve been recycling her songs.
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    So according to you guys, Sora and Riku were home for like a week or two before Mickey made some huge discovery and sent them a letter? I think the scene at the end of KH II takes place a year later, and the scene in the secret ending is like a day or two after that. And for those debating...
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    Could somebody tell me whats going on chronologically

    It seems like after the exams, Terra leaves and starts visiting worlds. He visits most places first, and Aqua visits last.
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    Ven's Scenario

    The thing on top is the mobile in Soras bedroom. The one he stares at while thinking about what Kairi told him.
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    Just thought I'd point out that Yen Sid taught Mickey to use a keyblade. He would kind of need one if he were to train someone
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    Yen sid's a master!!!

    That entire scene is supposed to be like how Mickey takes Yen Sids hat in Fantasia. In BBS, he takes Yen Sids Keyblade and star fragment instead, but feels guilty and returns it.
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    Terra and MX conversation= MIND FUCKING BLOWN Ansem and Aqua conversation=MIND FUCKING BLOWN Cameos-Xion =MIND FUCKING BLOWN Ven and Terra at LoD=MIND FUCKING BLOWN Destiny Island Conversation=MIND FUCKING FUCKED UP EXPLOSION
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    The secret ending vid thats posted on youtube, its little icon thing..... ....HAS XION. DAMMMMMIIIITTTT!!!!!!
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    Anyone Japanese Fluent? Whats the text at the very end say?
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    My big question is why the hell Vanitas has Kingdom Key
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    Young Sora's stain glass area is so cute! Its full of stain glass toys!
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    Sora and Riku are sitting on the beach talking about something. As they walk away Sora sheds a tear, but is suprised when he notices it. Theres a clip of Ven in RoA. Ansem the Wise, Braig and Dilan find Terranort at Radiant garden. Aqua wanders through kingdom hearts looking fatigued. She...
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    Audio is out of sync on mine, but i can cope. This is intense! Do you think the room of awakening is INSIDE sora?
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    Words cannot describe my love for you right now.
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    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Re: The Official Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread While we wait, just thought I'd point out that the BBS site's been updated with the official artwork for Mysterious Tower and Olympus Coliseum.
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    Castle Oblivion in BBS

    I think Ven is at TWTNW, or RG. Now before you all explode and say TWTNW shouldn't exist yet. Look at the pic of Mickey and Ven. Mickey looks like hes on a TV screen, like Memory's Skyscraper.
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    Xehanhort, Terra, and Master Xehanort

    Most of the goals we're pretty simple: become human again, find a new castle, take princesses to another castle, unleash darkness... It's the what the villian does to achieve these goals that makes them evil.