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    Firework heartless trouble problem solved yea!

    if you are having trouble beating the firework heartless, the large ones. create a deck of your three strongest cards that way you use an all out attack against them since they hit for 50,000 and 30,000 scratch it does not work.
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    has anyone figured out the requirements for te sr+ yrp card.
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    Black tickets

    why when i bought two raise draws i got two r not r+ but r cards and no sr. if this last one is not sr. i will be so pissed off.
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    Moggle in the Chest

    i have a question. what are those blue and pink berry things that show options of three pink one pink and one blue. thanks.
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    Play Kingdom Hearts X[chi] on your iPad

    did you know you can play khx on your ipad.
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    Famiweb Updates with 4/19 Issue's Info!

    Got it and got the ar card whooooo
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    Famiweb Updates with 4/19 Issue's Info!

    In the plaza with nijiya and yogurtland on sawtelle
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    Famiweb Updates with 4/19 Issue's Info!

    I found out that a place called asahiya sells famitsu magazines and i placed on hold the issue with the ar card in it Asahiya is where to go to get famitsu issues
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    Famiweb Updates with 4/19 Issue's Info!

    Where would i get the famitsu issue inlos angeles
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    Famitsu issues

    Where can i buy famitsu issues in los angeles or santa monica thanks for the help
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    Erika is your name i figured it out
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    [Spoilers] Jump Festa 2012 Coverage! (Trailer Downloads in First Post!)

    Had a gamegasm after watching the trailer