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  1. Max

    FF8 x Worlds End With You pitch

    I just want all the dead FF characters taken to Shibuya to play the game
  2. Max

    FF8 x Worlds End With You pitch

    This would actually be really cool
  3. Max

    FF8 x Worlds End With You pitch

    Anything with TWEWY and I'm sold
  4. Max

    Final Fantasy XVI

    I haven't watched any of the new videos yet, and I don't plan to. I was pretty sold with the team working on the game and the initial trailer I watched, so I'm here with blind faith just waiting for the game to drop.
  5. Max

    Film ► About the Amazing Spider-Man movies... (Fun discussion)

    I'm all for either a 4th Tobey Maguire movie or a 3rd Andrew Garfield movie. I was eagerly anticipating both as a kid, and when both were shut down back then I was pretty disappointed. I never could get into the Holland Spider-Man movies. Homecoming just kind of felt like a waste of time to me...
  6. Max

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    I'm starting to feel torn now. With PlayStation starting to put games on Steam, it makes me want to wait to get them there. But then on the other hand, they're never guaranteed to come to Steam and there's no telling how long they'll stay exclusive. I played God of War 2018 on my Steam Deck...
  7. Max

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    Lol, even better. And I don't even like to count Demon's Souls really because I played the original on PS3.
  8. Max

    What Final Fantasy game(s) are you currently playing?

    I've been feeling nostalgic lately and kind of wanting to play the old games I grew up with. Been thinking about running through FF7, 8, 9, 10 and Tactics again. I feel like I'd play one and then take a break and play something else for a while, but it's been in the back of my mind.
  9. Max

    Let's talk PS5, folks.

    I'm honestly a little disappointed in my PS5. It's nothing particularly wrong with the console, but it just kinda sucks knowing more than half of what I played on it was also available on PS4. Other than Astro's Playroom, I think God of War Ragnarok and Demon's Souls are the only actual PS5...
  10. Max

    General ► Dating Experience [NOT AN ADVICE THREAD]

    My senior year of high school I started seeing a girl, and we were together for about 5 years. We ended up at the same college, I was in my third year of college and she in her first, and she changed a lot once she started going to school there. She joined a sorority, started drinking, and just...
  11. Max

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    I'll definitely give this a try when it comes out. I'm just hoping, like others, that the story will have more substance throughout without all the filler nonsense.
  12. Max

    Kingdom Hearts Nitpicks

    Re:Coded was also just really fun varied. Story aside, I think it was a great little game.
  13. Max

    About the infamous games... (Fun discussion)

    I always wanted them to make another sequel to Infamous 2 exploring the other ending. I thought it would have been cool having another game beside Second Son thus making both endings canon in their own way.
  14. Max

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    Sad to see a missed opportunity book like that, when you can see there was a good idea in there and a good story to be told but then they fall flat on the delivery. I can understand the author or even the publisher deciding they wanted to target a certain/different demographic by gearing it...
  15. Max

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    That does sound like there's a lot of super awkward aspects of the setting that could have been fixed simply by shifting the time frame around. The premise just doesn't sound like a premise that would or should carry any weight for a bunch of fresh out of high school teenagers. I agree with you...
  16. Max

    PS3 Recommendations in 2022

    Eternal Sonata was a great little JRPG that's stuck on PS3 and 360. Drakengard 3 and NieR (the Gestalt version where you play as a father) are both stuck on that console generation. Tales of Xillia 1&2 and Tales of Graces F are also still PS3 only. The Symphonia Collection on PS3 is also the...
  17. Max

    Lit ► KHI Book Club - What are you currently reading?

    I'm reading King's Game right now. I just found out it actually got a complete translation, and while apparently the ending seems pretty universally hated, it opens so strong that I can't help but want to keep reading to find out what happens.
  18. Max

    The Ask-a-Mod Thread

    I'll go ahead and be transparent here: I lost my baby boy last month. I've been grieving and trying to return to work and life just isn't what it was since he's been gone. I don't want to quit being a mod here, but I'll honestly probably be absent for a minute while I try and figure out life.
  19. Max


    Could they please put Battle Network on Switch, I have been waiting for it.