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  1. Sage-Oracle V

    How's everyone enjoying it?

    If you're still on Keepers of the Arena, the Iron Imprisoner is just a really poorly designed boss. Half the time when he kills you (particularly as IV, III too) it's because of a nonsensically effective attack, as I'm sure you've notice. It was probably done this way since it's supposed to be...
  2. Sage-Oracle V

    Probably just a coincidence, but....

    Good catch, but if that were entirely the case, nobody would've treated it like their theories actually applied to reality.
  3. Sage-Oracle V

    Organization Members Ranked From Best to Worst (Excluding Xion)

    1. Axel: What's this? An interesting character with personality, flair, and complex motivations? Wow! What? He's the embodiment of pandering now? Well now! 2. Roxas: What's this? A meaningful and interesting character followed by both internal and external conflicts? Wow! Huh? He's not ever...
  4. Sage-Oracle V

    Probably just a coincidence, but....

    Everyone, we're on the internet. Google is a thing. Explaining Kingdom Hearts HD II.8's Bizarre Title Why wasn't this mentioned by anybody?