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  1. That Muggle Geek

    News ► The World Ends With You Preview Night on August 7th!

    I never realized how much Neku looks like Sora without his headphones on, LOL! EDIT: And holy crap, I didn't even realize that Shiki was in the first picture! Nice that we get glimpse of her entire face this time (sort of)!
  2. That Muggle Geek

    News ► The World Ends With You Preview Night on August 7th!

    They seem to be really hyping up TWEWY lately, huh? It doesn't sound like we'll hear anything about a new game at this preview event (not that that it doesn't still sound cool), but maybe something will surface at this year's TGS.
  3. That Muggle Geek

    News ► The World Ends With You ARTNIA Campaign!

    Man, they're really starting to ramp up the TWEWY merchandising, aren't they? Hopefully this means they're gearing up to announce something sequel related in the near future!
  4. That Muggle Geek

    News ► The World Ends With You Tote Bag Coming Soon!

    I hope the fact that Square-Enix is still creating TWEWY merchandise means that a sequel is at least being considered. With those cool pins being released a little while ago and now this tote bag, its good to see the game still being acknowledged by the game designers. It gives me hope that they...
  5. That Muggle Geek

    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    So I'll be starting college this fall and was looking to go ahead and buy a laptop this summer, but I need some help getting started. I don't know too much about what brands, specs, etc. are good, so I was hoping you guys could help me out by recommending me some laptops to choose from...
  6. That Muggle Geek

    KH3D Famitsu Information + KH3D In 3/22 Issue!

    So your saying she's the Jaws of the Kingdom Hearts universe? XD
  7. That Muggle Geek

    KH3D to Appear In Next Issue of Famitsu 3/15!

    Awesome! More Kingdom Hearts news (especially this close to the release date) is always good! ^_^ Anyone have any theories on what will be in the new Nomura interview?
  8. That Muggle Geek

    KH3D Issue of V-Jump Coming Out 3/29!

    Well that's even better! This issue should cover the TRON: Legacy world and possibly a new one, then.
  9. That Muggle Geek

    KH3D Issue of V-Jump Coming Out 3/29!

    So that means there will be no Kingdom Hearts: DDD in this month's issue, right? I though it was weird that we were so close to the 15th and there wasn't even a mention of leaked scans. Still, I can't wait for this special issue!
  10. That Muggle Geek

    Kingdom Hearts 3D Box Art Revealed!

    This is my favorite box art, yet! It's a bit simpler, like Birth by Sleep's, yet it still feels like a lot is going on in it!
  11. That Muggle Geek

    New V-Jump Scan: Fantasia and Tron: Legacy Featured!

    Wow, Mickey looks like a badass even just as an apprentice!
  12. That Muggle Geek

    Scan of KH 3D on Famitsu weekly (translations in OP)

    Man, these clearer scans just make the game look even better! It makes me even more anxious to get my hands on it! (I still need to get a 3DS, though... -_-')
  13. That Muggle Geek

    3D to Appear in Next Week's Famitsu!

    Awesome! So I guess this is the start of the "new worlds/game elements being revealed in Famitsu every month leading up to game release" like we got with Birth by Sleep?
  14. That Muggle Geek

    July 14 Famitsu Weekly will contain Tetsuya Nomura interview

    Well, even if it is just a small interview, I'm happy nonetheless. At the very least it should pique our interest (even more) for TGS.
  15. That Muggle Geek

    Thoughts on Riku: "I'm not afraid of the darkness"

    Wow, this is an amazing essay! You writing is excellent, keep up the good work! Would you perhaps consider doing similar essays on other characters in Kingdom Hearts?
  16. That Muggle Geek

    BBS FM site update

    Cool, thanks! Do I see No Heart using the unused keyblades from the Keyblade Graveyard in an attack?
  17. That Muggle Geek

    End of the World- Heartless Room?

    Ah, thanks for clearing that up!
  18. That Muggle Geek

    End of the World- Heartless Room?

    But wasn't the secret lab the Heartless manufacturey shown in Kingdom Hearts II? Or am I mistaken?
  19. That Muggle Geek

    jump festa 2011 BBSFM trailer is here

    The new extras look cool, too bad I don't have the means to import the game. T-T I'm bit disappointed we didn't see a clip of the new secret ending/scenario, though.