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  1. BladesofJustice

    From Zune to iTunes

    Don't know if someone has already done this thread, if so sorry. But is there any way to convert music downloaded to the Zune library and convert it to the iTunes format to be played on an iPod? Everything I googled said that iTunes format can convert to Zune, but nothing about the opposite...
  2. BladesofJustice

    about anti-form

    I first turned into it when fighting Xaldin and got my butt owned..... them darn spears kept getting in the way. I hear it's cool to use against a large group of heartless though
  3. BladesofJustice

    Scope: The Recon Journey

    Planet, Earth Year: 2050 Day: December 1st, 1:00 a.m. A bomb ignites engulfing half the planet in radioactive poison. Millions are killed and many more are permanently altered forever. The remainder of the population escapes Earth in numerous makeshift spaceships as the radiation spreads...
  4. BladesofJustice

    Shadow of the Collosus

    Don't know if there is already a thread like this, but I played and beat the game and the ending left me quite a few questions, especially since everyone said it had something to do with the ICO game. Has anyone else played this game?
  5. BladesofJustice


    just like the title, we all had classic games that we couldn't put down. What are some of your favorite classic games?
  6. BladesofJustice

    Outlaw Star vs. Cowboy Bebop

    Which do you think is better? Its a close call for me, so I wanna see what you guys think.