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  1. Kinokan

    How to beat Sephiroth

    If its the kh2 sephy i think personally he was a joke. In kh2 sora is much more skilled and can easily not take any sort of damage with the guards the relflectga and all the mobility he has. I beat sephiroth lvl 67 on proud where all i did was level all my forms to 7 and used the pumpking or w/e...
  2. Kinokan

    Why the hell does Mickey wear an Organization coat?

    Ok roxas id say is the sortest of all the orginazation members and mickey is shorter then that. Howd he get a cloak that covered his big ears and short enough so he wouldnt trip?
  3. Kinokan

    Favorite Orginazation member

    Now im pretty sure this is already up somewehere because of how obvious it is but who is your favorite Orginazation XIII member. sorry i wasnt able to put them all up stupid poll limit
  4. Kinokan

    Favorite KH2 World?

    TWTNW hands down. Why? it is the best training spot for all your forms except master and when you first get there you realize you are in the nobody stronghold. Its just you vs a whole bunch of nobodies and 4 orginazation members. Not only this but just to get here you had to beat yourself ( as i...
  5. Kinokan

    Kingdom hearts and Pixar

    Now recently there was an article on kingdom hearts introducing pixar characters. Now this i think is a very good idea depending on which worlds are introduced. Now which world would you like to see added and if so would there be any transformations to the main characters such as the cases of...
  6. Kinokan

    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    So everyone is excited with the fficial release date of BBS my question though is who will you play as first? Terra Ven or Aqua?
  7. Kinokan

    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    Mine was with xaldin but not as sora as mickey mickeys moves are so awesome and so is any battle with king mickey in it for the true keyblade master
  8. Kinokan

    Greatest disappointment in KH2?

    For me it was the AI i mean the heartless wouldnt attack as frequent wouldnt go in twisting patterns that made you confused and agitated all at the same time plus donald would randomly heal sometimes and one more thing...... GOOFY GOT SMART! Since when is goofy smart honestly
  9. Kinokan

    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    me personaly is luxord because technically that fight was just a game.
  10. Kinokan

    Has this ever happend to anyone?

    This hasnt happened and the summon thing might be that you were card broken but in hallow bastion there was this point where i started to glide and i heard neverland music then a few minutes later all it played was the neverland music
  11. Kinokan

    ur org. name

    My name would be Kinoxan if it was on here if not Yorxgerg
  12. Kinokan

    Which Sephy is tougher

    Ok which sephiroth is harder Kh1 or Kh2 for me Kh1 is way harder
  13. Kinokan

    Hardest Boss

    Xaldin since i had to use mickey 3 times in one battle died again and lost the reason i didnt choose sephy is because hes not actully hard u just need experience on him
  14. Kinokan


    thank you zephyr i forgot also have guard and guard break equipped to block his ground combo then to use guard break and get a combo on him. also about the retaliating slash when he knocks you up in the air instead of using aerial recovery use the retaliating slash then use your finisher. also...
  15. Kinokan


    ok since you have the ultima and all im sure you must have at least lvl 1 of all form abilities (high jump, quick run, aerial dodge, and glide) make sure to have 6 elixers retaliating slash and as many combo plus and boosts (along with air) also HAVE ELIXER ON A SHORTCUT it will help have as...
  16. Kinokan

    Oricalcum+ Help

    ya um u dont need gems for the ultima weapon but u do need all mythril burning and twilight crystals which are easy
  17. Kinokan


    ok you need to have at least 3 mega ethers and 3 hi potions (mega potions if you dont have the item boost ability equipped) have the oblivion equiped since its probably your strongest keyblade right now thenyou need to have as many combo bossts and up as you have equiped along with retaliating...
  18. Kinokan

    Hardest boss?

    ok besides sephiroth then the honor is a tie between Xigbar and Sa'i'x both of them almost killed me and when they get super fast they are so hard to hit
  19. Kinokan


    man the absoulute worst deck in R/R has to be traverse town which only has 5 CARDS!!!! and the stupid shadow
  20. Kinokan

    Full Playthrough: Chain of Memories:(GBA): Reverse/Rebirth

    man i would love if you did that i have the original CoM so i know it all but if you were to do a walkthrough of Re:CoM than i would love it