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    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Screenshots and Info

    Really hoping it will release for the xbox one as well. Not wanting to get a ps4 for one game. Since I planned on just getting kh3 for the xbox one.
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    The only chance of me not getting it, is if i'm not off on both of those two days. which would mean i would have to wait longer. Either when i get vacation days or something. if i get vacation days then i could schedule a week to go back home to meet family and friends and get everything i...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    I'm hoping by the 13th or 14th of March i should have my copy of kh2.5 and ps3 from christmas. Ugh....it's been such a long wait..I've been ready to play it. I just really hope this time it happens.
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    The world ends with you confusion

    The next saga is going to be Kingdom Hearts and Sora will be the main protagonist still.
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    "Roleplayer, beware, you're in for a scare!"

    So I've been rewatching Goosebumps on netflix since it had been added and was thinking of making a Goosebumps rp. I would like to see if others were interested in it of course before I make an actual thread for the rp. I was thinking that our characters would be normal kids (duh^^), who always...
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    If KH3D HD comes out this year/exists, what extra content do you think it will have?

    This, especially the very first boss fight for Sora and Riku in Traverse Town. Freakin' hated having to switch between the "same" fight for both characters simultaneously only having to restart every 5 mins or so. However long you had to wait for each drop. And I hope for a proper Frollo fight...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    it's more of the fact to see my family since moving away a year ago. But ya it would be easier. oh well.
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    So...basically because I won't be able to come down for my birthday on the 18th my mom, i believe, is gonna hold out on sending the ps3 and game up here till i see them. I hope not, because atm there's no way I can come down with having not enough money for gas there and back. This is gonna suck...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    These next couple of weeks are going to be a drag until the 18th. or a matter of when my mom decides to ship up kh2.5 and the ps3 they got me. It would be awesome if I get it before sunday since mail doesn't run that day. But, I'm almost half tempted to beat re:com first when I get the ps3 only...
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    HONEST TRAILER: Kingdom Hearts

    I figured it was intentional, but because of it, it's really ruining the video for me to watch it fully. I don't mind a good laugh from honest trailers (like their work), but for some reason, this video...ergh...
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    HONEST TRAILER: Kingdom Hearts

    eww eww eww I could not watch even halfway because of the horrible pronunciations of the names. ugh...
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    Seven Wonders of Twilight Town

    I did count the stairs, but then realized most of the seven wonders were just given to Roxas for him to do something while Sora's memories were getting near completion (considering even Riku/ASOD asked Diz why he showed Roxas the train. All because he missed the trip to the beach and to prevent...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Roughly three more weeks till i get to play it for my birthday. been waiting since christmas, ugh~!
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    Can't find Aqua's Daisy sticker

    Ya it could be above you, this is weird. Unless you picked it up where we think it was at and it wasn't the Daisy sticker in the fm version.
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    Ya, come find out on my end that I'm going to have to wait till my birthday before I can get my hands on 2.5 and the ps3 my parents got me. My mom said I'll have to come down then to get everything else, but even then I don't believe I'll be able to make it down, so either way it seems she'll...
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    Can't find Aqua's Daisy sticker

    Found in Disney Town Raceway. From the Raceway Rooftop (where the Slot Edge treasure chest is), head to the far ledge ahead. From there, face south and you'll see the sticker some ways below you. Doubleflight and Air Slide to the collectible then drop down when you are on top of it...
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    Should I play/get this game?

    I'd say if you find it cheap, go ahead and just get it and play (and beat it) just for the sake of saying you've beaten it. The final boss is worth getting to. Just there are atleast two or three bosses (I believe they were) that gave me a good amount of trouble from not having the right...
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    Great Grinding Spot

    Here's a vid I found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oih0aTVSrlQ
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    A few more days left till I get to play it! I've been satisfying my patients for the game by watching how to videos (i.e. how to get s rank on the mushrooms XIII). ^^ Can't wait! Definitely going to play KH2 first, try to or get close to 100 percenting it on Standard, then do a proud and then a...
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    How's everyone enjoying it?

    The only thing i can answer is that there is no trophy for not dying. Only trophies for completing each story and completing the final/secret episode(can't remember which one).