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    What enemy frustrates you the most?

    Saphire Elegy's and the other thing in Wonderland that wouldnt stay still
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    Everyone else's Somebody names?

    I doubt they will make a re-release for any of the three new handheld games As for the origonal names they only revealed Axel so all we so far is Xemnas - Ansem, Xigbar -Braig, Xaldin -Dilan, Vexen - Even, Lexaeus - Aeleus, Zexion - Ienzo, Axel - Lea, obviously Roxas - Sora, And i think Xion was...
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    unlockable mission troubles

    I was looking through here and found one thread about what im about to ask but its still unclear to me the answer so i apoligize for my ignorance (is that the right word?) I already beat the game and im going over everything in holo missions to get all unity signals and chests but i realized im...
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    Excluding Axel and Xion, which other members do you think got on well with Roxas?

    Xaldin i didnt think liked or disliked him Demyx appeared pretty chill Xigbar was the big brother kinda person Larxene loved him completely lol (sarcasm) Luxord was also pretty chill Yea Larxene has to be the best with him lol then Xigbar
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    alright i pretty much understand now, thanks to all
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    Alright, this is the first time i'm online in just under a year on this website so if there's already a thread about this just someone delete it cause i'm pretty clueless right now. Did the organazation ever find the chamber/room of sleep and that other thing? If so when?
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    "Who else am i gonna have ice cream with?!" lmao
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    What do you think the outcome would have been if Vexen lived?

    axel killed himself to protect sora, something tells me this is his reason xP and I completely agree with the help sora then be the badass bad guy everyone Hates to soon loves
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    - do not drive - stock up 7 learn and jumps and unleash all at once - when he uses the ray attack be ready to use cure cause its one of the hardest things to avoid in the game, easier to get hit and heal - use limits w/ goofy and beast - have good items, i like hi-potions and mega-potions - all...
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    what do you think of re chain of memories?

    much better than the origonal on gameboy. i loved the fights especially zexion hes amazeing. ive beaten it already on every mode and done everything in beginner almost completely done w/ the senond one. the cards are much better too pluto rox. only thing i didnt like was soras voice and...
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    Just one question and you can close this

    beating it on proud is the easiest way to go
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    kh2 poll

    i prefer axel and riku and for place i prefer destiny islands but compare my life to one of those four it would be leon in hollow bastion
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    Xion's true identity theory

    when some loses their heart they get a nobody when a strong hearted person loses theirs their nobody retains human form end of that discussion yes i believe that xion is kairis nobody i cant really explain so i expect ill probly b flamed cause most people try to prove people like me r wrong i...
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    riku leveling.....

    i alternate between hp and dp and use ap whenever avalible
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    Any Luxord Fans?

    he also said "Cards!" and im serious lets go luxord lets go
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    Some High Quality Screens from the Magic Box

    thks i like the one with cinderella and aqua best i love you aqua!
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    my unbirth idea.

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    Sephiroth lowest level

    yes it is i know cause i did it lol at least in kh2 it is. dont think so for 1. and i agree with kingdoom. thats why i was 20 instead of like lower lol. (who said 1-10? thats almost impossible without cheating)
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    rikus nobody

    and i usually am wrong most the time lmao
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    is proud mode really that hard???

    1) wrong section 2) no its not hard 3) even in proud mode kh2 is one of the estiest games ive eva played