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  1. LucemFerto

    SE reveals new KINGDOM HEARTS Missing-Link information

    Character customization being extremely detailed makes my heart sing. It makes my Kingdom Heart sing. I really, really hope they release this game on PC like Genshin, because I very much don't wanna play this on a tiny phone screen. Pleaseeeeee Square. Be reasonable, just this once ...
  2. LucemFerto

    Kingdom Hearts series is coming to PS Extra!

    Whenever I visit the homepage and see this article right up top I always forget I already read it and have a mini-heartattack thinking they finally announced a Disney+ series.
  3. LucemFerto

    Disney Games JP to host KINGDOM HEARTS 20th Special Talk #1 on August 31st

    Regardless of whether or not it's likely to happen, I really, really want a remake of Union χ and Dark Road. Dark Road in particular, with it's honestly great Disney inclusion, would benefit so tremendously from a console experience.
  4. LucemFerto

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I really hope this doesn't mean that Xehanort sticks around. I know it's inevitable, but I really ... don't want it.
  5. LucemFerto

    Dark Road ► Dark Road Finale Megathread

    I'm not really sure about the Spoiler Policy in this thread, so I'm just going to be safe and spoiler everything: Good game. More thoughts to come, probably.
  6. LucemFerto

    Dark Road final update releases on August 26

    I am so incredibly excited for this game, it's unbelievable. I really hope I am not ruining it for me through expectations. But everything we've seen from it so far makes me believe that they'll be able to do something they haven't achieved since 0.2 and that would be have a decent character...
  7. LucemFerto

    Nomura discusses Kingdom Hearts 4, Missing-Link, and Dark Road in extended Famitsu interview

    Okay, I have a question, because I have seen this on other websites, but it does appear to be just nowhere in the article: Does it say somewhere that Missing Link and/or Dark Road will explore the mysteries of Xehanort's bloodline? Because it seems like someone conflated Xehanort and Eraqus in...
  8. LucemFerto

    Dark Road ► Seeing as Dark Road (maybe) releases tomorrow, I did a video predicting what will happen

    Long time listener, first time caller and already just self-promoting. A good first impression. Anyway, KHInsider has always been my go-to stop for all things Kingdom Hearts and I love reading the forums (when the series is a bit more active). So, seeing as I made a video on Kingdom Hearts, I...