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  1. Jochira

    The kingdom heart and the kingdom key

    If a Heartless get defeated by anything other than a Keyblade so will a new Heartless be born from defeated Heartless, since the freed Heart have nowhere else to go, hope that answers your question 'bout what happens when any none-Keyblade wielder defeats a Heartless.
  2. Jochira

    Ff7R Does cloud remember???

    if you play OG FFVII so will all your questions be answered,
  3. Jochira

    Do the sonic Blade spam inteded to be used ?

    There's no such thing as "wrong" way and "right" way, it's entirely up to you. If you enjoy cheesing it or spam and such, that's perfectly fine. If you don't, and rather make it more challenging for yourself (like how I tends to refrain from using Magic and other "cheap" tactics), that's...
  4. Jochira

    Final Fantasy IX: The Animated Series (?)

    The 8~13 year part is turning me off, kinda sad, since VI and IX are my fav entries.
  5. Jochira

    Does anybody actually use Tents?

    Yeah, same here, I never found a good opportunity to use them.
  6. Jochira

    What's a game that you would consider yourself a pro at (Aside from KH)?

    I don't consider myself a pro/expert at games, just skilled or highly skilled, I feel like i'm quite skilled at Ys series and turn-based JRPGs.
  7. Jochira

    Which game has the best Journal?

    It's a tie between KH2 and DDD for me. DDD had the most detailed journal, but KH2 had the best designed journal. I guess I prefer KH2 journal slightly more though. Especially the Final Mix version, since it even includes puzzles.
  8. Jochira

    News ► Funimation to simulcast TWEWY - The Animation on April 9th

    Glad i'm a Premium user at Wakanim. No surprise though, I noticed that most anime licensed by Funi, is also licensed by Wakanim at EU.
  9. Jochira

    Spoilers ► Which version the Organization do you prefer: New Organization XIII vs Old Organization XIII?

    It depends on the perspective... from a story perspective so did I generally prefer old more (but I liked some new members more than old), but if we go for battle perspective so did I prefer new more.
  10. Jochira

    KHUX ► Who was the most interesting Union X character?

    I'm very behind with Ux and DR, and i'm not gonna catch up till after the shutdown but... Brain was the most interesting one for me, I never could manage to get a read on him. I thought he was gonna be a traitor at 1st, but then we got lots of of proof that proved otherwhise.
  11. Jochira

    Anime/Manga ► Should I keep watching Haikyu?

    Well, if you don't mind the later seasons being one or 2 match(es) per season, I recommend sticking to it. I'm watching it since it reminds me a lot of the innebandy team i'm playing at outside of work.
  12. Jochira

    Do you prefer to own physical or digital version of games?

    I'm a bit mixed, I prefer digital for PC and more tilted towards physical for consoles.
  13. Jochira

    Introducing... KHInsider Light theme !!!!

    Ayyyy~~ didn't even notice the Dark Margin theme. This light theme made me discover it, both teams are great. :)
  14. Jochira

    Would you prefer if Union X wasn’t connected to the story?

    While I like the idea of KHx being canon and important to the story, I dislike the fact that Union X is also important to the story. While I wished it had 0 connections with the story, I would've liked if it was connected to the lore instead (in a non-canon way). Main reason for this being...
  15. Jochira

    If you could go back in time to KH3's development, what changes would you make?

    I mainly just have problem with Union X's connection to KH3. I can imagine lots of ppl (me included, I didn't play much Union X before and I quitted it recently, since I just got bored lol) haven't played Union X or quitted/taken a break at some point. This might not seem like much of an issue...
  16. Jochira

    An error I noticed in the KH2 manga

    It might have just be an error that the mangaka made and the ones that cross-checked it missed, mistakes like that happens from time to time so you're better off not thinking too much about it.
  17. Jochira

    Do you have the ps5?

    I wasn't planning on getting it till next year, the price now is quite cheap at Sweden though, but I just feel like if I wait so will there be a bit more games. But I might change my mind this week and just get it, since i'm on vacation this week anyway