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    Patent Pending

    This is the thread for the band, Patent Pending. They are a punk band from Long Island, and I can proudly say they are all from my hometown, Mt. Sinai, NY. Yes, I live in Mt. Sinai, right around where Patent Pending lives / lived. So has anyone heard of them? They aren't huge, but they have a...
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    Carousel: V1 or V2? [Blink 182 Fans]

    Well, I was bored today, and I learned the intro to Carousel, by Blink-182, on guitar. As a lot of Blink fans know, Carousel's intro was originally played on guitar for the album Buddha, but on the album Chesire Cat, it was played on bass. Which version of intro do you think sounds cooler? I...
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    The Ramones

    Ahh, The Ramones. 4 of the fathers of punk. Alongside The Clash, The Sex Pistols, and a few others. Who here likes The Ramones? Sure they dont have fancy guitar solos, but thats just the way Johnny likes to play. Simple punk rock songs. There isn't much to say about them, they are just an...
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    Why so Inferior?

    Today when I was bored and had nothing to do, I thought of something. When Sora was in Hollow Bastion and became a Heartless, he became nothing but just a mere Shadow. But on the flipside, he got a very highly functional Nobody, Roxas. When you think of all the other people, such as Xehonort...
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    Agrabah Chests

    Im trying to complete my journal..and I need to get all treasure chests. Im in Agrabah and have two chests left to find, but I cant seem to find them. In the journal, they are: Third Row Down, 2nd to Last One Over Third Row Down, Last One Over If somebody has a guide, knows where they are, or...
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    Magic Carpet

    I'm trying to complete all worlds and whatnot, and I need some help here. In the Journal under Missions for Agrabah, it says to ride the Magic Carpet again, with of course the question marks which is going to tell me to get some kind of score. Where do I go to ride the carpet? I went to the...
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    Land Of Dragons Treasure Chests

    Got them. Thanks alot. They were in the throne room, all the way to the right and left of the stairs.
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    No, not everyone spoiled themselves like you. I didn't, so everything that was going on was a surprise for me. That is what makes the game fun. So don't speak for everybody else who wants more out of their game by not spoiling themself.
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    Land Of Dragons Treasure Chests

    I'm trying to fully complete every world and to do that, I need all the chests. Im in Land of Dragons and there are two chests I can't get. On Jiminy's Journal, they are: Last Row Down, 2nd One Over 2nd Row Down, Last One Over If anybody knows where these are, please post it here.
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    SB Workshop Rave

    Oh, ok. I figured the person would be in the Workshop. Thanks.
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    SB Workshop Rave

    I'm trying to complete all the worlds right now and I ran into a problem. In Halloween Town, the Skateboard Rave is apparently in the Workshop due to the name in the Journal. But I'm there, and there is only two people to talk to. In the Present Making Room, there is the elf guy who asks if you...
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    After Sephiroth

    I just beat Sephiroth and brought Cloud to him. I saw the scene where they fight, Tifa comes, the whole light thing. Then, Seph and Cloud dissappear. No, I'm not asking where they went. I'm asking if you can fight Sephiroth anymore. Is he just a one time boss in this game? =/ Helps appreciated.
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    Final Form/Roxas Fight

    This is the Spoiler Forum -_-;; But thanks for answering my question, I suppose I have the chance of using Final Form now. EDIT: Yea, Kunoke, it is the Spoiler Forum xD.
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    Final Form/Roxas Fight

    I was reading an FAQ about how to get Final Form. It stated that after you fought Roxas, you would have Final Form the next time you would get Anti Form, or something along those lines. I finished the game yesterday, but I never fought Roxas. I was wondering if it meant the cutscene in which...
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    Official "I got Kingdom Hearts 2" Thread!

    I reserved my KH2 today at Gamestop and I'm getting it tomorrow. Finally. I probably won't post here when I get it 'cause I'll be too busy playing KH2. But just maybe, if my fingers arent numb, I may find the time to come here and post. Now to sleep, then hopefully I will make it through school...
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    Whats your "ideal" KH2 environment?

    Sittin in my room / basement, with my decent sized t.v., door locked and closed, KH2 in the PS2 obviously. And to top it all off, some Nilla Wafers in a bowl with some Cool Whip =D. I'm usually always out of my house doing something, I'm not the type to sit around all day. This is going to be...
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    Poll:Who would win, valor, wisdom, or regular form?

    I'd say Valor. It's got awesome range, strength, and speed. Plus, it's just that cool. And I like it better..
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    Ahh, yes. AC/DC. I see all these topics on new age bands [Which aren't bad, I like Green Day, MCR, H.I.M., and other bands], but what about the old bands? AC/DC is a legendary band, IMO. They're music is so much fun to listen to and play along with if you play one of their instruments. I play...
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    *Some one help please* Can anyone...

    Ah, don't be sorry, just contact a mod. The mods are friendly. Ask him / her to move it to the graphic section, they'll be happy to. There are some great graphic artists in this forum, so I'm sure somebody can make you one.
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    *Some one help please* Can anyone...

    This should be in the Graphics section. Ask a mod to move it. You will probably have more luck there. From the title of this, it looks like you need help with the game.